There is a reason why Kiwis love Dan MacKay’s television shows on DIY landscaping and renovations. MacKay, a famous landscaper in New Zealand, teaches homeowners how to spend just enough money to transform their backyards into a picturesque oasis of flowers and greens.

The art of landscaping is hard to master. A beautiful garden may light up a home, depending on what you do with it and how you do it. With these six steps, you are a few steps closer to creating the garden of your dreams:

1.  Have a Grand Plan

Great projects start with great ideas, but they will only remain ideas if you do not have a concrete plan to achieve the results that you want. Picture what you want your garden to look like and note down all the details you want to implement once the landscaping begins.

2.  Hardscape

Before landscaping, arborists suggest you complete construction work first. Projects that involve concrete and hardware might compact soil or damage your turf. Complete heavy renovations before you do the planting.

3. Choose the Right Plants

Consult your arborist to find out which greenery they recommend for your garden. Arborists from Treescape inspect the garden and will base their suggestions on the kind of soil you have. The health of your plants, trees and vegetation will prosper if you do the planting process correctly the first time around.

4.  Prepare the Soil

For lush soil, people usually fertilise the ground with organic matter such as pine bark, mushroom compost or leaf mould. Fertile soil encourages excellent root growth from plants and allows them to establish quickly.

5. Start Planting

Begin with foundation planting by placing shrubs and small trees around the perimeter of the garden. If you want to use plants to conceal your garden, grow larger shrubs as replacements for fences. Then work on your garden flowers little by little, filling up empty spaces with plants.

6.  Get Creative

This is the part where you can personalise your outdoor space. Add funky containers and rustic hanging boxes to add a little more character to your garden. Architectural fragments such as birdhouses, statues or waterworks are good final additions.

You do not need Dan MacKay to do the work for you. Use your green thumb and artistic prowess to give your backyard the makeover it deserves.

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