As a young professional looking to rent a home or apartment, decorating it just the way you want is a given. But who says design and practicality can’t go hand in hand? Each home has spaces which you can make the most of or re-purpose. One such example is re purposing your spare room as a  home office.

Here’s how you can maximise your home office space, no matter how small it is.

Consider the colour scheme

A well-coordinated colour scheme makes even the most compact home office space appear spacious. Consider how the colour scheme affects how the room looks and the vibe it gives off as well. Light colours, especially, gives an airy illusion to your home office.

Choose your furniture wisely

Avoid chunky furniture as they give a subconscious illusion of less air circulation. Actually, just avoid unnecessary furniture for your home office. A desk, a chair, and storage are the essentials needed for when you are working from home. If you want a spacious-looking home office, avoid clutter like foot stools.

Make use of your walls

After furnishing the room, think of little ways you can add both life and storage to your home office. One such way is through the walls. You can actually do more than hang photos or paintings on them. Hang up a bulletin board, a whiteboard, or a calendar to keep you organised. You can also put up shelves or racks on your walls for additional storage for books and files.

It is important to remember that there is more to choosing a home than just the best aesthetics. Accessibility is important, as is space savings. Like any young professional who is considering his or her options of house rentals, you must be practical.


When you’re looking through houses for rent with the help of real estate agents like First National Mills & Gibbon, consider how you can put every nook and cranny in your home to good use. Here are a few more tips for saving space in your new home:

  1. Don’t buy anything you have no use for or if you don’t have an initial idea where to put them.
  2. Couches and sofas are cosy, but minimalist furniture can give the illusion of a bigger area.
  3. Speaking of illusion, mirrors and glass furniture make a space seem sleeker and wider.

There are more ways to make both blank and small places in your home more functional. But each alternate use, requires a different set of criteria to make the most of it. By following these general guidelines, you should now know how to make the most of your extra space.

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