First impressions are an important part of selling your house, and with a bit of proper preparation, you can drastically increase the chances of your home selling, and the value it sells for.  If you’re too busy to properly prepare your house yourself, consider employing the services of professional house painters, property management services and domestic cleaners to do touch-ups and maintenance which can increase the market value and help it to sell quickly.

Here are our 10 house selling tips to make your property more appealing to potential buyers.

1.     Entrance

Tidy the garden and mow the grass. Sweep the paths and make that sure that your house number or nameplate is visible and clean.

2.     Front door

Make use of a residential painting service to give your front door a professional finish. Choose a bright, bold colour with a high gloss to create a positive impact.

3.     Declutter

When preparing to sell your house, be thorough and remove as much excess stuff as you can. Consider renting storage space to store non-essential items, and consider removing excess furniture from rooms to make them appear bigger. Store kitchen gadgets out of sight and give the faucets a polish. Clearing the clutter will allow prospective buyers to see the potential of your house.

4.     De-personalize

Remove the vast majority of personal items such as family holiday photos, and kid’s drawings. The new owner may appreciate one happy family photo but he wants to envisage his family there not yours.

5.     Unfinished projects and minor repairs

Take a good look around and look for the little things that can easily be remedied. A loose floorboard or a squeaky door are simple to fix. Buyers don’t generally want to have to start doing odd jobs on their new home. Now is also the time to finish those half completed home improvement projects!

6.     Odours

Smell is the most powerful of our senses and an unpleasant odour can turn a buyer right off. Clean out the gutters and flush through the drains. Wash and disinfect all rubbish containers. If you have pets, particularly dogs, leave them with a friend. Do not smoke, eliminate all ashtrays and avoid cooking pungent smelling food prior to open homes. Open all the windows and let the flow of air freshen your house. Don’t be tempted to use air fresheners to cover up unpleasant smells. Remove the source and air the house. Put sweet smelling flowers in a vase in the entrance, brew some coffee or bake some cinnamon buns before the prospective buyer arrives. These welcoming and pleasant fragrances will make your home much more appealing.

7.     Wash and clean

Wash curtains, drapes and furniture covers. Consider replacing them if they are dark or worn. Clean every nook and cranny. If possible call in a professional cleaning team to really give your house a thorough overhaul. Steam-clean the carpets etc.

8.     Paint

Using an interior painter can really make a difference. Paint over any very strong colours. You might have liked them but the prospective buyer may not, so it can be worthwhile repainting them with soft neutral colours with a matt finish. It is worth investing in professional interior painting services to ensure that the important prepping is done correctly and to achieve an end result which will impress.

9.     Light

Make sure all bulbs are working and change to a higher wattage to give more light. Place discreet lamps in darker corners. Cut back any foliage which might prevent natural light from entering. Strategically placed mirrors can help to spread light about. A brightly lit space is much more appealing to buyers.

10.  Agent

If you’ve gone with an agent to sell your house, let them sell your home, and while often tempting, try not to force yourself in on the act. If you’ve made the correct preparations for selling your house, you can just leave it to them!

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