Whether you love bugs or despise them, most people can agree that insects do not belong in the home. No one wants creepy crawlies skittering around theitr home as if they own the place. Getting rid of pests is a costant battle, hiring pest control services can help you win the battle, but having a good strategy for once the pest controller has gone can help you win the war on pests in your home,

So, if you want to know what to do at the sight of pests and bugs, here are some quick-to-follow strategies to help keep pests at bay:

Strategy #1 — Restrict Pest Access To Your Home

Bugs generally like warm environments and the insude of your home is one of the warmest places available. Making sure your doors and windows aren’t open at night can prevent them fromm flying, climbing or crawling in an easy access point. So, to keep these pests and bugs away, make sure it will be impossible or at least difficult for them (that they just give up altogether) to access your home:

  • Keep everything in your home inaccessible by putting up an appropriate screens for a particular pest.
  • Cut overhanging trees to avoid possums from accessing your roof and wreaking havoc.
  • Tight-seal your garbage cans or sprinkle them with chemicals to prevent both pests and bugs from going in and breeding.
  • Block crevices and gaps in the windows, doors, dampers, and other entry points.
  • Put up electrical wires and add natural insecticides in your garden.

Another way of waging war on these pests is by laying traps

Strategy #2 — Learn How to Place Traps Correctly

This is something you should do ideally after youhabve minimised thenumber of entry points in your home. Now, to get rid of the pests that currently live in your house, bait, trap, and protect your property from a rnage of pests. You can do this by:

  • Useing glue traps, poisoned baits or mouse traps to deal with rats and mice. But, as professionals suggest, always go for mouse traps, as these save you the trouble of finding the dead pest or bug.
  • Use insect repellent or insecticides around exterior access points, particularly ant sand where ants are a problem
  • Run the traps along the walls and always double these up for higher success.
  • Chocolate syrup, dissolved brown sugar, and peanut butter are the best baits for any kind of pests and bugs.

Strategy #3 — Sustain a Pest and Bug-Proof Lifestyle

By following the strategies mentioned above, the number of pests and bugs in your home will decline, but that does not mean it is the end of your responsibility. As well as the strategies above, you should try to live cleaner to discourage pests in you r home. You can do this by:

  • Doing a general house cleaning once a week to ensure the cleanliness of your home. This lets you see any developing problems before it gets worse.
  • Storing food properly in boxes and sealed containers to avoid attracting bugs and pests.
  • Always paying good attention to your surroundings and being on the lookout for pests.

As well as  having a professional exterminator do the work, you can also contribute to making your home perfectly shielded. With the right knowledge and strategies, eliminating pests and bugs becomes easy.

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