You know your furnishings are great, and it is only natural to want to keep them in prime condition. Sun damage, however, is inevitable, even as you drape your curtains down all day, so the UV rays will not hit your leather couch or wooden shelves. They are susceptible to UV damage, as most furniture pieces are. How will you protect them from the scorching heat? In this guide we’ll address some methods that you can use at home to protect your floors and furnishings.

Use Sunscreen Blinds

Windows are the main entryways of sunlight. As such, choosing the right covering for them is important for protecting your furnishings. Cedar Blind Specialists’ sunscreen blinds may be a good choice for you.

Set them up in your living spaces, especially those with leather seats and upholstery near the windows. They are prone to premature discoluoration due to UV exposure. Measure the area, and mount the brackets before putting the blinds up. Also, make sure the coverings fit your window well, so they actually look good as well as working well.

Coat Your Floors

If you have wooden floors, you’ll also need to be aware of potential damage. Wood flooring is quite susceptible to light and heat damage which can cause brittleness, warping and bleaching in your flooring. Make it a habit to wipe your floors clean and treat them with protective film systems. To apply a protective film system, simply sweep the surface to dust it off, and wipe with a soft cloth to get rid of small, hard-to-see particles. Then, stick the adhesive film firmly. Run a broom or mop on it until it sets.

Paint Your Blinds

The first signs of light damage usually shows in your blinds. If they are metal, the paint blisters or cracks. If they are wood, their surface turns ash-coloured from the natural wooden hue. They also become more brittle and prone to breaking under normal use. To hep prevent this we recommend you dust off your blinds, and give them a fresh paint job. Disassemble them and put thick, even coats for additional light protection. This gives more room for heat absorption and can help prevent fading or cracking.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Do not let your furnishings get direct sun exposure. Your window coverings may be a good line of defence, but to make sure you spare your furnishings from damage, move them towards the middle of the room. As much as possible, do not sit them in direct sunlight up against a wall or window.

These are just a few ideas to sun-proof your furnishings. Protect them from sun exposure, and you protect your home and furnishings from degrading.

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