When we conserve energy resources, we enjoy cleaner air and a healthier climate.

Reducing energy usage at home leads to benefits for both the homeowner and the wider environment. In doing so we also help protect the environment by reducing greenhouse gases. Using energy saving measures to create energy efficient homes will save you money and protect our environment for the long term.

You can save energy and  improve your  comfort level by renovating and updating some features of your home to increase its efficiency. At the same time, you can use green power to further  reduce the consumption of energy from fossil fuels and lower your carbon footprint. Energy efficiency and green power are two ways to ‘go green’ in your home.

Check out these different ways to save power around your home:

1.    Reduce your consumption
There are many simple ways to reduce the energy consumption around your home. In winter, heat only the rooms that you are using. Decrease the hot water temperature. The recommended safe temperature for your hot water thermostat  is 55 degrees. It doesn’t need to be any higher and everyone will  still be able to have a hot shower!

The reduced temperature will make a difference in terms of energy savings. Use cold water for your washing machine. Remember that tumble dryers use a huge amount of power. Wherever  possible, hang your clothes on a line instead (this is kinder for your clothes as well). Take a shower rather than a bath – you’ll use around 50% less energy.

2.    Prevent energy loss
It’s important to prevent the loss of energy in your home by turning off appliances and lighting. Switch off any appliances you are not using, especially lights when you leave the room. Turn off your computer – leaving the screen saver on will not actually save any energy.  Make sure you turn off your computer monitor when it’s idle.

Another good way to prevent energy loss is by preventing draughts and insulating your home. In an average house, up to 50% of the heat is lost through draughts.

Did you know that up to a third of your home heating escapes through the roof, yet it is one of the simplest  areas to fix? Prevent this by insulating – it’s the most cost efficient energy saving measure you can make.

3.    Use energy-saving programmes and technologies
These days there are a huge number of energy-efficient appliances on the market from light bulbs to kitchen goods.  These can use 50% less energy than other models, and up to ¼ less for light bulbs. Similarly, many energy suppliers are now offering power from renewable sources rather than the polluting fossil fuels.

Solar power systems are one of these technologies.  The advantages of solar power are numerous and they can be installed in a home for a very reasonable cost.  Solar energy is a completely renewable resource – it’s a fantastic way to reduce your home energy bills and help the environment.

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