Hosting a party at your place can be fun but stressful. From preparation to cleaning up, parties often need a lot of work than it initially seemed. Upon waking up the morning after and when all your guests have left (never mind the dude who’s still passed out on your couch), a scene of cups, bottles and plates are sure to greet you.

And then, to your horror, you findbeer stains, blotchy like a map all overyour carpet. Spilt beer can leave dark stains on your carpet, along with that earthy and malty smell wafting in the air. The scent will eventually turn into a foul odour, especially when it soaks a dirty carpet. It’ll remind you of dog fur wet with potty water. Not an inviting aroma, for sure.

Removing beer stains in your carpet can be such a chore and some large stained areas may need professional help. AA Cleaning, a cleaning service provider in Auckland, use effective carpet cleaning methods and equipment. They provide reliability and efficiency for your post-party cleaning needs.

However, quite often the stain is small and isolated spots of stain don’t need the attention of a professional. Also Professional cleaners are expensive and you can often clean up most nasty stains yourself. By using the steps below, you should be able to get all but the biggest beer stains out of your carpet and eliminate any unwanted odours:

  1. Use paper towels or a dry cloth to soak up as much of the beer stain. This will prevent your carpet fabric from absorbing the beer.
  2. Mix one tablespoon of white vinegar and one tablespoon of liquid dishwashing detergent in two cups of warm water and stir briskly.
  3. Prepare a sponge soaked in the vinegar and detergent solution. Dampen the carpet with the sponge, working in a circular motion from outside of the stain until you reach the centre. Alternate sponging the stain with a dry cloth to absorb excess solution. The beer stain should be vanishing gradually.
  4. Afterwards, use cold water and a sponge in cleaning the affected area on your carpet to cancel out the harsh scent of vinegar. When you’ve covered the entire stain and the vinegar smell is gone, dry the area by blotting with a fresh cloth.
  5. Take a liberal amount of baking soda and distribute evenly on the carpet’s affected areas. Make sure to cover the stained area entirely. Allow the baking soda to settle for a whole day—this will soak up any beer residue.
  6. After a day has passed, use a vacuum to clean up the baking soda—the beer stains, along with its smell, should be gone.

With these six easy steps, you no longer have to worry about beer stains ruining your carpet.

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