As wild weather hits Auckland, power outages are becoming all too common. In the first two weeks of March, Auckland city experienced heavy rains and floods, causing transformers all over Auckland to blow.

Homeowners in Auckland wait long hours, sometimes even days, for an electrician to diagnose and fix their power outages. It is possible that in these situations the immediate reaction to a blackout is sheer panic. This is not the best solution, having a good strategy in the event of a power outage can help you

Here are six ways to deal with a power outage while keeping your calm:

1. Assess the Situation.

Your first job is to identify the source of the outage. Peek outside to see if the streetlights and your neighbour’s power are also out. Power outage in the entire neighbourhood might suggest something more serious. Once it becomes apparent that the power is not coming back anytime soon, unplug all house appliances such as computers, televisions and refrigerators to prevent damage from electrical overload when the power returns.

2. Get everything you need.

During a power outage, it is best to remain indoors to avoid unnecessary accidents. Retrieve all your candles or rechargeable light sources from the storage room and rummage through your stock of canned goods or first-aid kits to anticipate longer electrical issues.

3.Let authorities know the situation.

If you live in a private neighbourhood, give your administration office mobile number a call using your mobile phone. Authorities will most likely contact those in charge of electrical services in Auckland. Better yet, contact your power company’s emergency line to report the outage.

4. Give the house proper ventilation.

Leaving the windows agape may allow rainwater to enter while closing them may induce claustrophobia or difficulties in breathing. Keep the windows slightly open only enough to let cool air in without getting your furniture wet.

5. Use a generator.

If you have an emergency generator at home, plug the most important appliances to it. Just make sure to place the generator outdoors in a dry spot to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

6. Wait it out.

Do not sweat the power outage. Relax and wait for repair people to work on the restoration.

While power outages may be extremely inconvenient, panicking is almost always counterproductive. Do these things to stay calm and await brighter days.

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