People are used to thinking that the process of removal starts with packing your items and belongings. But the truth is that the removal process starts much earlier than that.

The first thing that should be done when you start preparing to move to your new home is to find the proper packing materials and boxes. Packing materials are easy to find: paper and plastic for wrapping your belongings can be found in every local store.  Moving boxes are also easy to find; however, they can cost a lot if you don’t know where to look.

It is well known that man-with-a van companies always charge a bit more for boxes – that’s why you should try these options first:

Ask your neighbours if you can borrow theirs

The first and easiest way of finding cheap moving boxes is to ask your neighbours to lend you some of theirs. It is very likely that they will not refuse you this favour.

You can even ask them to buy the boxes from them if they are not planning to move to a new place. This way you will buy the boxes at a much lower cost compared to the one on the market.

Look in a supermarket or shop

Most retail stores have a lot of unnecessary boxes. You can ask the manager to allow you to give some of them; they will throw them in the trash anyway. Supermarkets are a goldmine for boxes but, if the boxes aren’t big enough, a computer store would also do as computers go in very large boxes.

Try searching online

There are many offers on the Internet saying that people are looking to get rid of their boxes. These people want to throw their boxes away and you need boxes – that is a deal! You can also try to find online stores that sell moving boxes at very low prices.

Of course, there are different types, sizes and shapes of moving boxes and you should look for yours depending on the items you are going to carry in them. For example, for your lamp you will need to wrap the bulb and all other parts that can be disassembled. Then, the lamp body should go into a special lamp box.

Look for large boxes if you have items with an unusual shape. If you are not keeping the item’s original box, it is very unlikely that you will find a box that will fit the shape of the thing. If this is the situation, the best thing you can do is use a large box and fill it with Styrofoam to prevent the item from damages during the transportation.

Remember, proper and secure packing is an extremely essential step of every house removal process and it should be done with great care as proper packing will guarantee you your items and documents will remain undamaged.

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