Moving house is, and will forever be, a tedious undertaking. Requiring a large amount of preparation along with the actual moving process and the actual costs involved, it’s no wonder that a lot of people find moving unbearable.

But there are a couple of ways that can help you achieve a relatively easy moving without breaking the bank.

First of all, the myth that going full DIY is the best thing to do must be debunked. Sure, it may be cheaper to do it yourself than to hire a professional but what is the actual cost in terms of time and effort?

These are a few of the advantages of hiring professional movers:

– They’re fast. Not only do they know what they are doing but they also know how to do it properly.
– They all show up simultaneously. This is almost impossible to happen with family and friends who are unlikely to be brought together at exactly the same time.
– Movers have professional moving trucks and vans that will surely fit all your personal possessions. They have all the necessary tools, too.
– They are a lot less likely to damage or break something. Unlike your inexperienced friends and family…

Now that you have assured yourself about quality moving services, it’s time to think of ways to keep your costs down.

You won’t need to buy new packing boxes and packing supplies; it would be cheaper if you get a hold of some that have already been used but are still in good condition. Placing an add in the local newspaper or online are good ways of acquiring boxes.

As for the bubble wrap, well, why bother when you can use items from around the house? Old towels will do as good a job as bubble wrap and they can also be reused numerous times. Even old newspapers and blankets can be used for that purpose.

When looking for a removal company, do a lot of research first. You need the best deal, so remember not to jump at the first offer you find. Go online and read a good amount of reviews from people who have used moving services in the past, which should help you make the final decision about which firm to hire.

Money could be saved by doing some things on your own – without putting at risk any of your possessions. Why not make an attempt at packing stuff yourself? Almost all moving companies would charge you extra if you assign them to do packing as well. Get everything ready before the movers arrive.

Sometimes, you can even save money by moving house during winter or autumn. During the cold months, the prices are often lower than in spring or summer. However, you’ll have to bear in mind that the weather will be worse and may make moving difficult.

Article was written by Camden Man and a Van.

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