New Zealanders are always looking for opportunities to go out and explore the world. Some go for travel, others for discovery and some go to work abroad. Every year thousands of people travel to the uk from New Zealand. With over 60 million people of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, the highly developed nation offers various employment opportunities, which is why some New Zealanders move and emigrate to the United Kingdom.

One of the primary concerns of people going overseas for work is how to relocate their belongings and take their prized possessions with them. Luckily there are experts like the New Zealand moving company Transworld International Removals to help make the process easier. In this guide we offer a number of useful tips on shipping your belongings from New Zealand to the UK and some things you may wish to consider when crossing the ditch.

These are a couple of essentials you need to be you need to be aware of if you plan to move to the United Kingdom for work.

1.)    Personal and Household Belongings

The UK allows the import of personal and household belongings free of Customs Duty and Value Added Tax as long as you haven’t lived anywhere in the European Community 12 months prior to your permanent move. If applicable, the UK Customs will request documents for verification. It is important that you declare any goods that belong to anyone other than yourself, for clearance. You may carry antiques, as long as a proper Letter of Antiquity accompanies them.

2.)    Cars and Vehicles

You may import your car or other motor vehicle duty-free into the United Kingdom if you have been using it at least six months prior to your move and don’t intend to sell it. UK Customs would require an original copy of C104A, a copy of your current passport, utility bills and supporting documents. Once in the UK, your vehicle needs to pass a Single Vehicle Approval inspection and get a Minister’s Approval Certificate.

3.)    Pets

If you plan to take your pet with you when you emigrate to the United Kingdom, they need to have a Pet Passport Scheme certification and clearance after rabies vaccination and test. Additionally, their breed cannot be banned in the UK and they must travel via designated air routes.

 4.)    Firearms and Weapons

You need a Firearm or Shotgun Certificate from your residential Chief Police Officer for the select types of firearms you may import into the UK. If included in your personal and household belongings, you must declare it on the UK Customs C3 Form. Once the firearm has reached the United Kingdom, it will be held under Customs Bond until you get a proper certificate.

The Customs Department is your constant companion when you are moving to the United Kingdom, or any other country for that matter. They are your best port of call for any and all information realting to what you can and cannot bring with you. It is strongly recommended that you browse through government websites or contact a customs agent directly. More importantly, you need to ensure sure you file and obtain all move-related documents properly to avoid any unneccesary headaches or delays when you arrive.

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