You’ve found a new place to live. You’ve told all your friends you’re moving home. You’ve booked the removal company well in advance. Now it’s time to prepare for the move so that all your possessions arrive at your new address safely.

By following a few simple steps during the packing process you’ll not only prevent breakages and save time loading the removal van when it arrives, you’ll also be able to find things after the confusion of moving house is over.

Simple Steps for Packing

  • Begin collecting boxes well in advance of your move. These can either be purchased, or obtained free from supermarkets and other large stores. Make sure to get boxes of a size that will not be too heavy to lift when full.
  • Other items you’ll need are: packing tape, sticky labels, scissors, a craft knife, a pen and a notebook. You’ll also need material to wrap delicate items – newspaper, bubble wrap etc.
  • Reduce the amount of possessions you’ll have to transport when moving home with by using the move as an opportunity to throw away or sell all those things you no longer really want.
  • Start the packing process as early as possible. The more inessential possessions you can pack away before you move home, the less you’ll have to worry about as the day approaches.
  • The most efficient way to organise your packing is to group it by room. Make a list of all the rooms in your new home. Give each one a letter – B for bathroom, L for lounge etc. In a notebook create a section for each of these letters/rooms – this will be your record keeping system.
  • Make up a set of sticky labels for each room using a letter and number system. For example, boxes for the bathroom could be marked B-1, B-2, B-3 etc.
  • As you fill each box label it with one of your stickers and make a corresponding entry in your notebook listing the contents of that particular box. In this way you’ll know exactly how many boxes you should have when they arrive at your new home and you’ll know what each box contains – invaluable for finding things in those early days after moving house.
  • On moving day mark each of the rooms in your new home with a large sign corresponding to your lettering system. This is particularly useful if friends or a removal company are helping you move as it will help them place boxes in the correct rooms.

Following the packing system above will give you control over the often stressful experience of moving house and ensure that all your possessions are properly distributed and accounted for.

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