You’re moving house and the big day is here. To save money you’ve decided to hire a self moving truck and do the moving yourself. There’s a fair bit of labour involved, but it doesn’t sound too difficult, right? Well, that depends on whether or not you pack your truck correctly. A poorly packed truck can result in “load shift”, and load shift can result in damage to your precious possessions and, possibly, personal injury to yourself.

Pack Your Belongings Carefully

The tips below will help you pack your truck so that your furniture and belongings are stowed safely and transported without incident.

  • First things first – estimate the volume of your possessions and make sure you rent a self moving truck that is large enough for the job.
  • Working in stages back from cab end of the truck, load your largest items first to form the base of your load. Doing this allows you to manoeuvre awkward pieces of furniture while there is still plenty of room in the truck. Place heavy items like fridges and washing machines as close to the cab of the truck as possible. They are more secure here and will be held in place by later items.
  • Make sure large pieces of furniture are packed close against each other and ensure that they cannot slide around during transit by wedging them into position with wadding and smaller items. Protect furniture with furniture pads or old blankets.
  • Place boxes on top of this base layer, again packing tightly to minimise possible movement. Build your load as high as possible towards the roof of the truck.
  • Fill the spaces with small objects. This prevents wasted space and adds further stability to the load.
  • If anything looks like it might move during transportation it probably will, so if there are still loose items after all your careful packing make sure you tie them down.
  • When packing a self moving truck try to distribute the weight evenly on each side. An unbalanced truck will not ride smoothly and may become dangerous on sharp turns.

By following the tips above, by planning your packing, constructing a stable load and securing it properly you should have a drama-free move and arrive at your destination with your possessions safe in the back of your self moving truck.

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