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How To Save Bucket-Loads Of Money 24 Hours a Day

Posted By admin On October 23, 2009 @ 4:33 pm In Budgeting | Comments Disabled

As New Zealand struggles with a weak economy, New Zealanders are trying to strategically save money and reduce debt. By saving money on the ‘little things in life’ you can end up saving a large amount over time. Here are some simple, proven tips that will help you save money.

Doing the housework at night can save you money

By simply running your washing machine, dryer and dishwasher at night rather than during the daywashing-dishes-at-night-180 [1] could cut your energy bill by up to 40%. Running these appliances during off-peak times can save you over $100 a year.

You can visit www.Sustainability.Govt.NZ/Energy/Conducting-Power-Audit to get your free home energy audit guidelines.

Find the right bank and save money

Look for banks that offer savings accounts atm-machine-180 [2]with no monthly account fees, no minimum balance and no Internet banking fees. Ironically, the higher the EFTPOS and ATM fees are the better! They act as a deterrent to early and/or unnecessary withdrawal.

Buy generic pharmacy prescriptions – and save money

Buy generic drugs instead of name brands and cut your unsubsidised prescription bill in half.

Pay off your credit cards, loans and overdrafts – and save money

Pay off your credit cards! A $4000 credit card balance at 19% costs you nearly $800 a year in interest.

Forget those extended warranties on electronics – and save money

It’s a well-known fact in the electronics industry that most product breakdowns occurCertificate SEAL [3] in the first year and are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. The extended warranties that stores offer on electronics are ‘seldom if ever’ a good deal. Say “No thanks” to those extended warranties next time you shop for electronic goods and save money on your purchase.

Bulk-buy – and save money

Items you use all year around such as paper towels, toilet paper and, in the case of young mums, nappies, are cheaper when you purchase them in bulk. You can save an estimated $200.00 a year by purchasing toilet paper in bulk as opposed to single package purchases. It doesn’t seem like much, but add to that your paper towels, nappies etc… and you are saving a nice chunk of cash in a year.

Pay cash for petrol – and save money

You pay more for petrol when you use your credit card.petrol-pump-180 [4] Next time you’re at the pump filling up that gas-guzzler of yours, give ‘em the ‘folding stuff’.

Combine all of these tips with coupons you’ve clipped from the foot of your supermarket receipts, retail goods sales, carpooling and more… and you will save money – even when the economy is causing you to spend more.

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