You have more control over your monthly power bill than you realize. A few adjustments to your consumption of power can reduce your costs and save energy, too.

Here are 10 simple tips which can help your reduce your power consumption and save you money with your power company:

  1. Wash full loads of laundry in cold water. It’s easier on clothing and laundry gets just as clean.
  2. Worn out fridge seals let cold air escape. Test yours by placing a flashlight inside and closing the door. If you see light, change the seals.
  3. Clogged a/c filters make the motor work harder and use more power. They also damage cooling systems. Clean filters every months, especially if you have pets.
  4. Turn down a/c and heat when no one is home. Doing this regularly can make a big difference in your electric bill.
  5. Many household appliances use power when plugged in, even though they’re not turned on. If it’s not being used, unplug it.
  6. Let food cool off before refrigerating it. While using the fridge, keep doors open as little as possible so cold air can’t escape. Keep fridge settings in the middle temperature range rather than on the highest settings.
  7. When using the oven, don’t preheat unless absolutely necessary. Instead, place food in the oven immediately and increase cooking time slightly. When weather permits, cook on an outdoor grill.
  8. Consider replacing old a/c units with the newer, energy efficient models. The savings on electricity can offset the cost of buying a new unit. It costs more to cool than to heat, so use a/c sparingly. Buy energy efficient appliances when it’s time for replacement.
  9. Bright-colored walls reflect natural light, saving on artificial lighting costs. Position lamps to give more light and consider using compact fluorescent light bulbs. They last longer and use less energy.
  10. Some power companies provide a leveled billing option, like Mercury Billdozer. You’ll pay the same amount for electricity every month based on an average of your usage last year.

Making a few changes in the way you use electricity can make a big difference in how much you pay for it. Try these tips and see if they mean a lower monthly bill for you.

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    Investing in some insulation is also a good idea. We retro-fitted our old villa with polystyrene based underfloor insulation and it made a big difference to the warmth of the house, which meant using less heating. It was not even very expensive and we did the install ourselves.

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