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How to find a great accountant

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Tired of the painstaking task of figuring out your personal tax? Think you should be able to get more money back when all is said and done?

What you need is an accountant!  This article will show you just what to look for.

The Man for Your Money? Know how much you’ll spend

A good accountant is an investment but you don’t want to go to someone you can’t afford. A good accountant will definitely save you money but you don’t want to spend so much you end up living in a cardboard box on the side of the road. Word to the wise: be thrifty, not cheap. Know what you’re getting.

Look out for scam artists

A dodgy accountant in a movie? You can see him a mile off with those shifty eyes and slicked back hair. That guy is up to no good! Unfortunately in real life those ones aren’t as easy to spot. But you should be on the lookout for the people who guarantee lots of refunds. Yeah I know, you want refunds. But promising you’ll get them is probably a sign their accounting practices are shady. Be on your guard!

Want fast results? Try an agency

Tax refund agencies like NZ Tax Refunds get your taxes done fast. They might not necessarily go through things to quite the same degree, but they’ll get you results in a snap. They specialise in a quick turnaround for a small set fee.

Get the facts and get an experienced accountant

If you want a more thorough going over, it’s time to shop around. Ask for referrals from friends and family, or look for reviews from accountants online. Those with successful and long standing businesses will have good reviews from existing customers that you’ll be able to read.
Look for more detailed reviews that will help you narrow down whether or not the accountant will be able to solve your particular needs, as different accountants are more skilled in some areas than others.

Like your accountant

You don’t need to go out to dinner with your accountant but wouldn’t you prefer a friendly, professional handling your money? You need someone you can build an easy rapport with. Get to know him/her before handing over your hard earned bucks.

Look for their qualifications

A CA is an accountant who is licensed with the NZ Institute of Chartered Accountants, and is experienced in business and corporate accounting as well as tax auditing. An enrolled Tax Agent is a tax professional. They can deal with audits, difficult tax problems, and tax collectors. People who hold these titles have to go through testing to obtain it, so if you’re looking for a professional to handle a big or difficult case, look for these first.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

These are your taxes, even if you do want to pass them off to someone else. You know all the details as well as any problems you’re having. Ask your potential accountant any questions you need to. If he/she can’t give you a straight answer, they’re not the person for you.

Right! With these thoughts now in mind, get searching. It’s time to find yourself an accountant!

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