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Perhaps you have relocated to a new city or country, you’re newly retired, or you have recently become  single and it appears that all your friends are busy with their children or personal interests. You need to find new friends and meet interesting people with similar interests to spend your free time with. You can never have too many friends, but meeting people when you’re new to it all can be quite nerve racking. Here’s a few tips to ease the process and get you out there having fun.


Ever wanted to learn a new language or take up salsa dancing? By attending an adult class not only will you learn something new, but you’ll also find you meet new people who have similar interests to you. What’s more, many of these people also want to make friends just as much as you do. Consider photography classes, cooking classes, wine tasting courses, acting classes and more. Try your local school or community centre for night school programme information.

Sporting Interests

Sports clubs are also a great way to meet people. Many recreational sports clubs offer mid week night or Saturday morning training, which is a great opportunity for you to spend your time enjoying yourself, and meeting new members of your sports team. Try Touch Rugby, Soccer, Cricket, Tennis, Netball, Hockey, Skiing and Yoga. Your local YMCA can provide club information, as can your local community centre. Also contact the HR department at your place of work as you may find that your work place is involved in all sorts of community sport teams.

Work Functions

Speaking of your place of work, it’s important that you often attend any function or social gathering which your place of work hold. Granted you don’t have to be the last remaining person standing at the end of the night, but it’s important to show up, even if you don’t want to go. Not only will you meet co-workers who you don’t normally associate with, but it also creates good team bonding and your name and face will in turn become known to your co-workers (who will see you as more than just another staff member). Plus you never know who you may meet.

Throw A Party

What better way to meet new people than meeting the friends of your friends. Everyone loves a good party and if you ask your friends to bring along two people,  before you know it you’ve got a grooving party and you will meet new and exciting people. And if you don’t have the space in your home to throw a party or your landlord won’t allow it, just invite people to your favourite bar or restaurant instead! Simple.

Online Dating

If you are single and want to meet other like minded singletons, give online dating a go. There are several dating websites where you can upload a profile of yourself and read up on the profiles of others who you might be interested in meeting and possibly dating. Most people chat via email for a couple of weeks while they get to know each other casually before meeting up for a coffee or meal out.  Be cautious when you do meet up ‘in real life’ – it plays to be safe so ensure that you meet in a public place and let your friends or relatives know of your plans. Another option to meet like minded singles is via Speed Dating where you are introduced to 10 men or 10 women in the space of one evening, with the opportunity to mingle after the event too.

50+ Community

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A Positive Outlook

Let’s face it, when it comes to meeting new people it’s a two way street. It’s important to give and take in the development of new friendships, and remember you’ll be talking about your favourite subject: Yourself, (so you’re guaranteed to enjoy yourself!) If you keep a positive attitude and remain interested in the lives of others you can’t go wrong!

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