How To Swiftly Expose The Lies, The Deception & The Affair

Nothing… and I mean “NOTHING” comes even close to the agony, the heartbreak and the despair one feels when the ‘very person you love most’… cheats on you!

Words cannot describe the emotions you’re forced to endure. No amount of “I’m sorry” can ever heal the pain of having your heart ‘ripped out, stomped on broken-heartand then thrown in your face’ by the one person in your life you trusted more than any other.

This article is written by someone who “knows that pain”. It is more than just a tip-sheet – it is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide you can use to ferret out the lies, deception and covert sexual encounters that your “other-half” may be engaging in.

Equally and oppositely, if your partner is NOT cheating on you, the secret surveillance methods detailed in this guide will go a long way towards easing your fears and suspicions.

Check out the video immediately below and then read the six steps following it.

Step 1. Rate your partner’s habits against this “Early Warning Cheaters Checklist”

  • Regularly comes home from work late when this has not been the pattern in the past.
  • Seldom if ever available to meet up for lunch – either at home, work or elsewhere.
  • Avoids answering the phone when you’re around – and/or tells you to leave it!
  • Inexplicably and uncharacteristically joins a gym and/or starts dieting.
  • Spends a lot less time with you and your children than before.
  • Talks excessively about a ‘new friend’ at work.
  • Gets up in the dead of night, supposedly because they can’t sleep – and each time ends up “chatting to friends” on the computer.
  • Gets out of bed much earlier than in the past, supposedly to check “work-related emails”.
  • Has chunks of “unaccounted-for time”, especially during or just after day-time work hours.
  • Comes home after a supposed “get-together with workmates” smelling of perfume (if male) or with smeared make-up (if female).
  • Comes home with damp hair and freshly-soaped skin on a hot, dry day – a very bad sign!
  • Seems to find excuses for regularly needing to “pop out” for a few minutes – a sure sign that they’re parked up somewhere nearby, possibly making secret cell phone calls.
  • Leaves to go to the corner store or supermarket but is gone “for ages”, and then returns with just a small handful of groceries.
  • Finds every excuse under the sun to avoid having sex with you.
  • Purchases a web cam even though they’ve never even thought about such things in the past.
  • Has unexplained cell phone numbers lying around and/or seems to be engaging in an inordinate amount of text messaging during all hours of the day and night.
  • Sends text messages while in the bathroom – you can hear beeps and/or sound of thumb pads being depressed, even though the bathroom door is closed.
  • Has unexplained email addresses and/or new email services.
  • Has unexplained purchases on their credit card.
  • Is becoming very picky and unpleasant to be around, and gets angry over the most minor things.
  • Step 2. Listen to their most intimate telephone conversations without them ever knowing

    Cell Phone Spy

    If your partner is having an affair, one of the most common things they’ll be trying to do each day is communicate via cell phone to the person they’re secretly seeing.  You won’t be able to stop this from happening, but you WILL be able to “listen in” if you do the following:mobile-phone-spy

  • Go to
  • Click on “Phone Stealth” in the left-hand navigation menu
  • Purchase the “Ultimate Bluetooth Mobile Phone Spy” – US$69.95
  • Download it and install on your cell phone.
  • You’ll be able to listen to your partner’s calls AND read their SMS/text messages, all without them suspecting a thing!

    The Mobile Phone Spy is a digital product which means that you can download and install it on your own cell-phone. No trace of your phone will ever be left on your partner’s phone!

    NB: There are many different brands of mobile phone spies available online – it just happens that for personal reasons I have reviewed most of them and this is one of the best available.

    This technology is not illegal in New Zealand – it’s simply not advertised.

    Land-line Spy

    If you have reason to believe that your partner is discreetly using your land-line for his or her ‘covert conversations’, you could consider investing in a Linear PCM telephone/voice-recorder. linear-pcm-voice-recorder

    The device can be discreetly plugged into any phone-jack in the house, making it very easy to conceal.

    Even at US$139.00, the Linear PCM telephone/voice-recorder makes an excellent ‘weapon of choice’ in your fight against marital and/or relationship infidelity!

    You caneither  order it or just check it out by going to

    Step 3. Expose what they’re really doing on your computer while you’re asleep at night!

    Aside from attempting to talk or exchange text messages with their ‘secret other’, your partner will use the computer to communicate via online chat and/or email.

    Thanks to modern technology, you can now have every email or conversation that your spouse sends online “mailed to you to read!”

    Software called remote spy software records their emails, online chats, instant messages, web sites visited and keystrokes and then automatically copies this recorded information to your chosen email address. pc-keylogger

    If you go to Google and enter in the key-phrase “remote spy software” or “key-loggers” you will find hundreds of options available to you.

    Check out the product reviews by entering “reviews + key-loggers” or “reviews + remote spy software”.

    You can also go to: and see the crème-de-la-crème of spy software tools – the Spy Agent.

    Tip: No matter how tempting it is, DO NOT tell a soul what you’re up to – and that includes your most trusted family members!

    Even if your suspicions are completely unfounded, your relationship could still be destroyed in seconds if some “loose-tongued” family member happened to tip off your partner that you’re spying on their every move.

    Step 4. Capture their indiscretions on a hidden camera

    Seeing photographed or video-taped acts of infidelity involving your spouse – either explicit sexual acts or just close contact – is not exactly what you’d call ‘pleasant viewing’. teddy-cam

    DO NOT engage in using hidden cameras or video recorders unless you’re strong enough emotionally to deal with the consequences of what you may or may not see!

    Should you wish to pursue this line of spousal surveillance, Google the key-phrase, “hidden cameras” or “spy cams.” You’ll be amazed at the diversity of disguises that these cameras come in. Everything from clocks to pens – right through to teddy bears!

    Step 5. How to find their car – no matter where they’ve driven to

    If your partner has a new-found habit of disappearing for hours at a time in their car, you do have a way to track them down. You can now buy a very small GPS system online which can be secreted away in your partner’s car. stealth-gps

    The GPS will transmit clear, easy-to-follow signals to your cell-phone, 24 hours a day, for as long as the batteries remain charged. You can then opt to track your partner down or have someone (preferably unknown to them) do the vehicle surveillance work for you.

    NB: This is one of the most common surveillance techniques employed by infidelity investigators today. It never fails to find them (and whoever they’re with at the time).

    Step 6. How to confront your partner with the ‘evidence’

    This is the moment that infidelity victims fear most. I know I did!

    Let’s face it – after all the harboured resentment built up during the evidence-gathering phase, you’re potentially an “emotional time-bomb” just waiting to explode. Yet, if you do, it could all explode in your face – especially if you’re a woman with a partner whose not good at staying calm under pressure.

    Tip: If your spousal spying has revealed beyond any doubt that your partner has been or is cheating on you, leave the confrontation aspect of it to a specialist private investigator.

    You’ll find them easily enough by looking in the yellow pages or going directly to: and typing in the key-phrase “private investigator”.

    In closing I’d just like to say…”DO NOT TURN A BLIND EYE TO YOUR OWN SUSPICIONS AND GUT-FEELINGS”. If your partner has given you cause to THINK they might be cheating on you, chances are THEY ARE!

    Don’t put your head in the sand and hope it’ll all ‘blow over’. You deserve better than that. Take a brave step and either eliminate the suspicions once and for all …or prove to your soon-to-be-ex-spouse – in the most damning way possible – that YOU WILL NOT TOLERATE CHEATS IN A RELATIONSHIP.

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    1. thequickten says:

      Wow this is some pretty full on stuff. If they are cheating on you then I would probably go the less technical approach….following my gut as generally seen me through any dubious relationships.

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    2. Thevoiceofreason says:

      I agree with that, all those gizmos are ridiculous and ment for the CIA and FBI. Id take all that money and time spent stalking him, buy a new outfit and go and find a new man :-)

      VA:F [1.9.17_1161]
      Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast)
    3. What’s better than gadgets and gizmos is a better relationship! Instead of pouring wasteful amounts of money and time into FBI-level survaillence, try pouring all of that into your partner. Males would most likely cheat for one reason! And im sure i don’t need to stipulate what that is lol. And lots of it, im talking daily basis lol! And if they still cheat, you’re probably doing it wrong! HA!

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