Choosing the right baby clothes can be complicated with so many sizes, designs, and materials available. This guide will help you to buy clothes that are practical and comfortable for your baby. Natural fibres should always be preferred, with organic cotton or Merino baby clothing being among the best options for your baby.

Be practical

Before your baby arrives it can be so tempting to buy lots of cute newborn baby clothes for him or her, but perhaps when you discover how difficult it is to dress a wriggling baby your priorities may change from super cute to super practical! Tiny babies can get agitated while dressing, especially if the clothing touches their faces so avoid anything which has to be pulled on over the head and look for baby clothing designs which are easy to put on and to secure. Avoid irritating lace, bows, thick seams, tight fits and synthetic fabrics.  Make dressing an enjoyable routine.

Finding the right size

Until your child is actually born you will not know what clothing size they will need, and remember that as babies grow really quickly you don’t need to buy too many garments in the smallest sizes. A premature or very low birth weight baby may need a 00000 size, and while most new-borns use a 0000 size some larger babies may need 000.  Choose stretchy jumpsuits which button up the front as these are easy to put on and to fasten.  Avoid garments with elastic or fastenings at the waist as this could irritate the delicate umbilical area and interrupt the healing process. Babywear with built-in feet are a good idea but you will get longer use out of ones without.

Controlling your babies temperature

During the first months of life babies sleep a lot, and as at this age, the mechanism for controlling their body thermostat is not fully developed so it is important that they are maintained at a comfortable temperature by their clothing. Merino wool has been called a miraculous natural fibre as it breathes so that your baby will never feel clammy and it will keep them at an optimum temperature. Recent studies have confirmed that a correctly used swaddle can help to develop healthy sleeping patterns in your baby up to 3-months old and the new generation of award-winning design Merino wool swaddles make swaddling simple.

Merino wool is also incredibly soft and will not irritate your baby’s sensitive skin, even if he has eczema. In addition, it is fire resistant making it one of the safest fabrics in which to wrap your most treasured possession.  As your baby grows a Merino wool sleeping bag is a great option as they allow free movement of your baby’s legs which is vital for normal growth and development while ensuring that he is always snug and comfortable. Baby vests of Merino wool are the perfect first layer when it is cold out.


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