The Internet can be used to find out about child development, education classes and also act as a tool for learning. You can see it as a worldwide library in your own house.

The Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education assists families through comprehensive parenting initiatives, such as the Parents as First Teachers (PAFT) Programme and Awhina Maatua and through information and advice.

About School

Printable worksheets

Baby Talk

Baby Sign Language. Baby Sign Language is all about using simple gestures with your hearing child to allow you to communicate long before they have mastered the intricacies of speech.

Brainwave Trust

Infant Brain Development. The trusts aim is to raise public awareness about the amazing new findings in brain research, which emphasise the importance of early experiences on infant brain development; and to educate about the important implications of this knowledge.


Child Development Resources provide parents and caregivers with the important new information now available about how to promote the healthy development of children.

Child Development Info

Site for information on child development, psychology, parenting, learning, health and safety as well as childhood disorders such as attention deficit disorder, dyslexia and autism. (American web site)

Childcare / Daycare

Kindercare offer over 40 early learning centres throughout New Zealand with quality childcare in all the main city centres.

Kindercare Hamilton
Kindercare Auckland
Kindercare Wellington
Kindercare Christchurch


NZ libraries also have web sites, which provide you with education resources.

Kindy Online

Specialise in Quality Pre School Early Learning Programmes


Kindergartens believe every child has a right to participate in high quality early childhood education. Kindergartens are seen as centres of excellence and innovation for early childhood education.


Montessori offers a learning environment where the child or student can feel ”at home”. The learner is offered the freedom to work with interest at his or her own tempo and level. The classroom is a thriving community where everyone is treated with respect and dignity.


Playcentres are a family concept which recognises that children reach their full potential when parents and whanau understand their development and take part in the learning process. Playcentres are unique within early childhood in that they are co-operatively managed and supervised by parents with support from experienced association personnel.

Playcentre has three purposes: Early Childhood Education Centres, Adult Education and Educational Publications.

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