Giving toys to children can be nearly as much fun for the giver as for the children who receive the gifts. Choosing toys can sometimes be a challenge, but with some thoughtful consideration, you can find toys they will treasure.

  • Safety is the most important issue when buying gifts for kids of any age. Very young children put everything into their mouths, so make sure there are no small parts for them to swallow. Stuffed toys can have their eyes sewn on rather than glued so the toddlers will not chew them off. Paints used on toys should not contain toxic materials. Look for sharp edges or pointed objects that could injure children.
  • Most manufacturers indicate that their toys are intended for certain age groups, so consider whether the toy you choose is appropriate for the child’s age. Kids will be frustrated if they are too young to understand how a toy works, and they will be bored if they are too old for a particular toy.
  • Buy toys that are appropriate for the child’s gender. Do not give dolls to boys or trucks to girls. Boys do not want “sissy” toys, and most girls do not care for cars and trucks. Neutral items like blocks, puzzles, books and balls are acceptable for either boys or girls.
  • Consider the children’s parents when you purchase gifts for their kids. Many parent won’t be so happy for their children received drums or other noisy toys, and many Parents don’t appreciate toy guns or knives either.
  • Educational toys are always a good choice because learning can be fun. When children learn new things as they play, they will not think of the learning as work, and they will have a head start when they go to school.
  • When a child has a favorite movie or TV show, you cannot go wrong if you buy something related to that show.

The children will appreciate their gifts more if you play with them and their new toys. When you give them a game, show them how to play, and let them win frequently. If you give a girl a tea set, let her serve the first cup of tea to you, and remark about its flavor. When the children have your undivided attention as they play with your gifts, they are sure to like them.

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