Green grass, shining sun and children running and laughing in the yard – this is what summer is all about. Add a pool full of clean, blue water and the fun really begins. If you are one of those lucky people who have a nice house with a large garden or yard with a kiddie pool, your children will likely spend the entire day in the water.

Having a nice time is good but there always has to be someone to make sure the pool is hygenic. If this person is you, then you may need some tips to help you clean the pool after the games for the day are over.

Although when the pool is full of water it may look like it’s clean, the water actually creates an environment for growing bacteria. It can be very dangerous for the children and that is why you shouldn’t underestimate the situation.

Meanwhile, the kids are running all over the yard and come in contact with all sorts of dirt and filth, bringing it with them into the pool. It’s another reason why you have to keep the pool safe and clean for your children.

The good news is you shouldn’t need anything too expensive or specific for the cleaning – just towels or rags, water and bleach. The first thing to do is to drain the pool completely. This can be easily done when you have a pump, otherwise you should do it with hands. If you don’t have a pump, you should remember to completely change the water every few days.

Take note of the manufacturer’s instructions to see which cleaners and detergents you can use for the type of children’s pool. Now use as many towels as you need to dry the rest of the water which you can not drain either with the pump or with your hands.

The detergent you will use for the cleaning of your pool consists of five parts of water and one part of bleach. Use a cloth to scrub every dirty area until it is all removed, rinse the bleach and fill the whole pool with clean water again.

The removing of the bleach is the most important part of the cleaning here because any residues can be very dangerous for your children. They often swallow from the water as they are playing, so be very careful at this stage of the cleaning.

No matter how unpleasant the pool cleaning looks, you have to do it for the kids. They are very vulnerable to bacteria and other nasty microorganisms. Use a cover for the pool when it is not needed for a long time. Putting it on top of the water will save you time in the future. Remember to clean it every time a kid gets injured inside the pool to prevent the bacteria growing and creating dangerous environment for the kids.

Article was written by Clean N Gone Finchley.

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