Choosing the best sleepwear for babies can be confusing with so many different options available, but Merino baby clothing offers many advantages that merit it strong consideration. Here are some very compelling reasons for choosing baby sleeping bags and sleepwear for toddlers made from Merino wool.

Advantages of Merino Wool


  1. Merino wool has the unique capacity to regulate body temperature. Babies and toddlers are more prone to temperature changes than adults as they lack the mechanisms necessary to control their body temperature. Merino baby clothing keeps your baby at an optimum temperature to ensure a restful night’s sleep. When it is hot Merino sleepwear will keep your baby cool and comfortable, and when it is cold they will be kept warm and snug. Merino wool also breathes, so humidity never builds up as perspiration is absorbed and released into the air so your that child is always dry and comfortable, and never clammy.

  3. Each fibre of Merino wool has a silky outer covering which makes baby sleepwear made from this natural fibre incredibly soft and smooth, and perfect for your baby’s sensitive skin. Even infants with eczema and allergies will not find this wonder fibre itchy or uncomfortable.

  5. Merino Fibres are also naturally fire resistant which increases safety for your baby and is an important factor which is often forgotten when choosing baby sleepwear, clothing and bedding.

  7.  Merino wool is lightweight so your baby feels comfortable and unrestricted. Merino blankets and sleepwear are made from a very fine spun fabric which has natural elastic properties as well as being odour resistant. This means that garments maintain their shape and properties for a long time and they can be washed by hand or o a gentle cycle in a machine.

  9. Baby sleeping bags have been shown to further enhance the comfort and tranquillity of baby’s sleep. Traditional sheets and blankets can move about leaving your child exposed to cold conditions or they can become wrinkled or tangled which can cause discomfort and they can even cause strangling. An example of a great merino wool product for babies is the Go Go Bag™. The Go Go Bag™ keeps your baby contained within a perfect pouch wrapping it up safe and warm. Products like the Go Go Bag™ come in different sizes and weights and have an outer covering of 100% organic cotton and an inner liner of Merino wool. Your baby or toddler is kept at a perfect temperature within the protective pouch and can be moved easily from one place to another without disturbing sleep. Using a baby sleeping bag can help to establish sleeping patterns as the baby associates the bag with comfortable sleep and their regular use can also help to settle the baby and make them feel secure in unusual environments.

  11. Scientific studies have shown that sleepwear for babies made from Merino wool helps babies to settle quicker, sleep for longer periods with more REM time, cry less, feed better and gain weight faster. By providing a comfortable, dry warm and safe environment for your baby to sleep in he does not have to waste energy trying to keep himself warm or cool or comfortable. This means that he can develop both physically and mentally at a faster rate


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