So you have decided to get a pet dog? That is wonderful! Dogs make amazing pets and great companions for life; they will keep you company when you feel lonely, and be there to greet you when you get home at the end of the day.

Prepare your home

Don’t forget that there is a lot of preparation you must do to make your new pet safe, and feel comfortable in your home. Making your home more dog-friendly is important, not only to ensure the comfort of your companion, but also to ensure the safety of the environment. By now you hopefully will have prepared yourself for some extra home cleaning action, as having a pet dog will increase the number of chores you need to address.

Read on for some useful tips on how to dog-proof your home and turn it into a comfortable place that your dog loves.

  •  Lock cupboards near floor-level – it is better to play it safe and deny the access to cabinets and cupboards located near the floor. That is especially the case if you keep dangerous substances inside, such as your domestic cleaning solutions for example. The easiest way to guarantee that your dog doesn’t come into contact with them is to install child locks. It won’t take you long and is an easy fix.
  • Make sure appliance doors are firmly closed – dogs may not be as agile and nimble as cats, but don’t underestimate their curiosity. Smaller dogs can wander into dangerous areas of your home, which they find particularly interesting. The last thing you want to find is the puppy sleeping in the washing machine, or somehow climbing into the oven.
  • Be careful with burners, candles and incense – keeping such items lit around your dog is a potential fire risk. It is wise to keep such objects away when your dog is home. When you use such items, make sure you are around at all times.
  • Adopt safe home cleaning methods – dogs can be very sensitive towards certain ingredients present in cleaning solutions. That is especially the case with heavy-duty cleaners. If you do have to use a heavy duty cleaner, make sure your dog is prevented from coming into contact with the area you are cleaning. Ventilate properly after each use.
  • Reconsider plants – there are two considerations you must have about plants. First, your dog may dig up the soil in your pots. Also, be aware certain plants are hazardous to dogs. Plants, such as Mistletoe, Philodendron and Poinsettia among others can be hazardous to dogs.
  • Consider adding carpets or rugs to slippery flooring – chances are your puppy will run at high speed from one corner of your home to the other. Carpets / rugs will ensure no accidents occur and also protect your flooring from scratches – particularly important if you have nice wood flooring.
  • Addressing each of these steps will give you a more dog-friendly home.

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