When you go on holiday your four-legged friend needs somewhere to stay. To help you find a kennel or cattery where your pet will be safe and happy we’ve put together a few things for you to think about.

Visit the premises.

This is perhaps the most important thing you can do to safeguard your pet’s wellbeing. Is the facility clean and well ventilated? Do the pets look happy and in good condition? Are individual kennels or cages comfortable and large enough?

Is the business accredited?

Accreditation by a body like AsureQuality indicates that an independent audit has been carried out and that the kennel or cattery meets recommended animal welfare standards.

Do pets receive adequate stimulation?

How much exercise time are they given? Will they have access to outside play areas? Are there toys available?


Are food bowls adequately separated from litter boxes or toilet areas? In a cattery, if cages are built next to each other, are there solid “sneeze” barriers to prevent disease transmission? Is washing available for long-stay pets?

Medical issues.

All pets at the facility should have up to date vaccinations – is this enforced? Will staff administer medication if your pet needs it? Are special diets catered for? Is there a vet on call for emergencies?

Do the staff love animals?

Your pet needs a friendly nurturing environment, not just a place to sleep. Is there pet/staff play? Will your pet receive the “human touch”.

Book well ahead.

Many pet care facilities experience high demand, particularly during holiday periods.

Check what the facility needs from you.

You will usually be asked to supply a current vaccination certificate, medication and special food if needed, a toy and an unwashed blanket with your pet’s scent on it, your vet’s contact details.

Consider a trial night.

This will help familiarise your pet with the facility and provide reassurance for you. When you drop your pet off be relaxed and happy. Help your furry companion stay stress-free by keeping your goodbyes short and lighthearted.

Taking the time to visit a few pet care facilities will help give your pet the best possible temporary home and, just as important, leave you free of worry to enjoy your own holiday.

Learn more about choosing boarding facilities for your pet in this video.

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