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Top 10 Tips on Cycling to Work

Posted By Gemma Stewart On June 27, 2012 @ 1:49 pm In Cycling | No Comments

Cycling to work is a great way to work out, save fuel and escape traffic. However, there are a few things you should bear in mind for your safety and comfort. Below are our top 10 tips on cycling to work in New Zealand.

1. Push bikes [1] need looking after, so make sure you keep your push bike in good working condition. Clean it regularly; invest in the right tools and proper cycling gear. Having properly maintained equipment will mean less hassle down the line.

2.  Make sure you have everything you need. Carry a pair of spare shoes, clothes, socks as well as some money. You may also want to keep a small toolkit that will come in handy in any case you have trouble with the bike. If your office has a shower and a locker, you can leave your towel, toiletries and extra clothes there.

3. Depending on how long your bike ride will be, have a good meal before you leave. You will need more hydration than usual and carrying something to drink, like water or an electrolyte drink, is a good idea. Also, energy bars are a great option for a quick energy punch. Be sure to incorporate a healthy lunch and snacks to supply you with just the right energy to get you through your day at work as well as for cycling back home.

4. Leave early for work. This gives you enough time to deal with unexpected delays.

5. Plan and change your route from time to time. You can choose from multiple routes that would save you from both, the hassle of vehicle fumes and traffic. This will also ensure it doesn’t get monotonous over time.

6. Avoid getting into arguments with drivers. It will only waste your time and stress you out. If there is anything you want to say, say it politely. It must be hard for drivers being stuck in traffic all the time!

7. Wear a bright jacket or high visibility vest so that you can be seen at all times. Most accidents occur when a driver has not seen a cyclist.

8. Familiarize yourself with the different rules and laws around the use of bikes. This will make you a lot more confident when you’re cycling through the city or through an unfamiliar section of town.

9. Remember the opening and closing times if you’re keeping your bike in parking buildings so that you aren’t locked in or out at any point.

10. Find a good spot to park and lock your bike.  Choose one that can draw public attention and is well lit. Invest in a secure lock; if possible make that two. The lock should go around the wheels as well as the frame. Detachable lights, quick release seats and other gadgets should be kept indoors for safe keeping.

So, if you are thinking about ditching the car for an exciting cycle ride to work, remember these useful tips and you won’t go wrong.

Here is a list of cycle sales and services [2] in New Zealand to help you get started.

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