Netball is a fast-paced, non contact ball sport which was derived from early versions of women’s basketball. It originated in England in the 1890′s, is predominantly popular among commonwealth nations and is mainly a sport that is played by women.

The Teams

Each netball team consists of seven players who assume the following positions:

Goal Shooter
Goal Attack
Wing Attack
Wing Defence
Goal Defence
Goal Keeper

These positions define each player and restrict their movement around the court.

The Court

Many of the rules of netball centre on how the court is divided up. There are three sections on the court – the defensive third, the centre third and the attacking third. There is also a centre circle and a goal circle at each end.

The Rules

The objective of the game is to score more points than your opponent by passing the ball and scoring into their goal. The more goals you score the more points you earn.

Each game is made up of four 15 minute quarters with teams changing ends on each quarter break. The game begins with what’s called a Centre Pass which takes place from the centre circle; this also restarts the game after a goal has been scored. When the game begins, the only two players allowed in the centre circle are the Centres from both teams – all other players must be in their starting thirds.

Dribbling and running with the ball is not allowed, instead, players must make their way to their opponent’s goal by using quick passes down the court. Players are only permitted to take one step with the ball and then they must pass it within three seconds – meaning that positioning and accurate passing is vital in a game of netball.

As this is a non-contact sport, defenders have to stand 3ft away from the player with the ball, meaning that they can only win the ball back once it has been thrown. If the ball is in the air and two players simultaneously make contact then the referee will award a toss-up. This is where the ball is thrown into the air and the players try to win it back.

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