Choosing holiday accommodation can be a bewildering exercise. From resorts, hotels and exclusive inns to baches, motels, bed and breakfasts and backpackers, the range of available options can sometimes seem limitless. The upside of this, though, is that in almost any part of the country you have a good chance of finding at least some sort of holiday accommodation that will suit your needs.

Factors to Consider

Obviously, the location of your holiday is up to you, but it is worth considering a number of factors in your choice of accommodation.

  • First and foremost, what is your budget? Are you planning to splash out on something luxurious? Will you need the hot stone massage and five star cuisine that a luxury hotel can provide? Or are you after accommodation that is a little easier on the bank account?
  • How long are you staying? A quick over-night stop on your way to another destination? Or will you be vacationing for a number of days? Motel accommodation, say, that is perfectly acceptable for a short stay might not provide the features or level of comfort necessary to make a week-long holiday enjoyable.
  • Do you plan to buy your meals at restaurants and cafes, or would you rather save money by using self-catering or self-contained accommodation?
  • Are you planning an active holiday where you will be away from your accommodation for much of the day exploring the surrounding area, or do you want holiday accommodation where everything is laid on? A resort hotel or a spa, perhaps?
  • What facilities do you need? Does your chosen hotel, motel etc. have a pool, wireless internet connectivity, a crèche, a gym, a business centre…
  • Is the accommodation child or pet friendly?
  • Is it convenient to any particular attractions or landmarks you plan to visit? What is the cost of transport to these?
  • Is there a pick up service from the local airport or train station?

Thinking through what you really want from your holiday accommodation and doing a little research in the Yellow™  Pages book or website can save you from disappointment and help ensure that your stay away from home is a satisfying and enjoyable experience.

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  1. Campbell Brown says:

    Another useful thing I find is trawling through a few reviews. Go to the bad ones first, if its about the staff then you can kinda of get over that. But if its about the facilities or location then heed the warnings. I also found posting a forum on travel sites useful as you find out from people that have been to the accommodation which rooms are best etc….helps weed out any undercover Hotel blogger as well trying to lure you to their premises:)

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