These days getting to and from the airport without prior planning can be an expensive business. With ticket prices and baggage fees, tacking on an expensive charge by a taxi service sometimes is not an option. But what can you do if you’re in a foreign city? Luckily for travelers on a budget there are options that include public transportation, ride sharing, and shuttle buses.

Public transportation

Public transportation is an effective way to save money while getting between locations. This option is great for those traveling light and who have the time to allow for different variables like traffic. Those with heavy or several pieces of luggage may find public transportation taxing. Make sure to check routes, fare amounts and time tables before you set out, as it is sometimes easy to get turned around if you are not familiar with the area.

Ride sharing

Ride sharing or splitting a ride with a friend is great if you have a friend coming or going in the same direction as you. You’ll have more room for luggage and also a friend to chat with. When you’re doing this, it’s always nice to spilt the petrol money or taxi fare.

Airport shuttles

Finally, airport shuttles are an excellent way to get from the airport or to it quickly. Some shuttle buses are shared, others you can rent for yourself. Often times, you can schedule a ride and they will assign a time to you according to your flight time. Lots of hotels and hostels have free shuttles to and from airports so it’s worthwhile doing a little research.

Check out these shuttle bus services around New Zealand if you’re interested.


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