There’s no better way to see more of a city you’re visiting than by car. But you want to make sure you’re driving a bargain when you choose what rental company to go with and what car to hire. Here are some tips to steer you in the right direction.

Shop Around

As with anything you’re shopping for, you want to get the best bargain for the money that you’ll be spending. We recommend choosing no less than three rental companies and comparing the cost in relation to the services they offer. This will ensure that you’re getting a larger view of the market than you would if you simply went with the first company you saw.

Make The Call

Don’t just rely on the company’s website. As there are a large range of services and extras that come with renting a car, it is sometimes best to pick up the phone and talk to somebody. They can explain exactly what’s included in the rental cost, the range of cars they have (compact, mid-size, 4×4), the availability and if they have any special deals on. Then choose the company that best suits your needs

Added Extras

Some things to bear in mind are extra costs that you may have to pay with some companies. Hefty drop-off fees can be charged if your drop-off destination differs to where your pick-up destination is and also, some companies require additional payments for roadside assistance whereas some include it in the total rental cost.


Some rental companies will try to sell you insurance when, in most cases, your own insurance will cover you on the rental car. It is a good idea to check this up with your insurer before paying unnecessary fees.

Age restrictions

Finally, some rental companies have a minimum age of 25 when it comes to hiring a car. Make sure you check this before deciding on one in particular.


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