Heading overseas is one of life’s great pleasures, but to enjoy your holiday you need to feel confident your possessions and your health are adequately covered. The tips below will help you choose travel insurance that’s right for you.

Shop Around

The cost of travel insurance and its range of cover varies widely. Get two or three quotes. Consider buying directly from an insurance company to avoid an agent’s commission.

Read the Policy Carefully

Generally, you’ll want cover for medical expenses, lost or stolen possessions and flight cancellations. But think, too, about other areas like delayed baggage, personal liability, accidental death, lost travel documents and hire car insurance.

Out of the Ordinary

Are you going somewhere with poor healthcare? Are you taking expensive items with you? Will you be doing something dangerous like skiing or bungy jumping? Make sure you’re covered.

Check the Excess

How much will come out of your own pocket if you have to make a claim?

Pre-existing Medical Conditions

If you suffer while you’re away, will your insurer foot the bill?

Going with Friends or Family?

Consider group or family travel insurance, it may work out cheaper.

Are You a Frequent Traveller?

Yearly or multi-trip insurance may be cheaper in the long run. Plus, you avoid the hassle of having to arrange insurance every time you travel.

How Does the Policy Work?

If you suffer some calamity while overseas, will you have to meet the expenses yourself and then wait to be reimbursed by the insurer at a later date? Or will the insurer pay direct.

Duration of Cover.

You’ll cover your time away, of course. But what if you have to cancel your trip unexpectedly? Cancellation-only travel insurance can help you here.

Quality of Service.

Does your insurer have a good reputation? Do you know someone who has made a claim with them? What was their experience like?

Defining your needs, getting more than one quote and reading the fine print will help you find a policy that protects against the financial burden of travel mishaps and leaves you free to enjoy your holiday.

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