Moving to a new country where you know no one, or are sleeping on a relative’s couch with no job and little money can be daunting. Once you land a job and have your own flat you can begin to socialise and life becomes a bit more normal. Find out How to Find a Job Overseas.

Get Your CV Up to Scratch

If you’re looking for a regular nine to five job, your CV is a very important part of the application process. What works for one part of the world might not work in another part of the world. A CV is called a Resume in The United States of America and Canada and includes detailed information about your work and schooling history. In the UK and Ireland the majority of CV’s should be limited to two pages only with specific information about your previous work achievements. Before you leave home, research the country you are planning to work in and ensure you fit in amongst your competition.

Taking Your CV With You

Depending on the sort of Working Visa you have for a particular part of the world, most Countries’ International Customs Arrival Departments do not permit you to carry your CV in your luggage with you. Make sure you plan ahead and save your CV in a personal email address folder, or put your CV on a memory stick and pack it safely in your luggage.

Recruitment Companies

An excellent source for finding a job is via a Recruitment Company. They are experts in their field so think of them as a valuable tool to help you get the perfect job in a foreign country. Generally when you first register with a Recruitment Company you will need to meet a representative to fill in a few forms and answer a few questions.

Community Notice boards

If you’re looking for a casual or part time job, consider browsing local community notice boards. You’ll find advertisements for bartending, nannying, tutoring, ski instructing, waitressing and more. Check out your local bookshop, café, library or gym for community notice boards, and also browse the ads in free community newspapers and travelling magazines.

Online Searching

There are many online search websites available for you to search for the perfect job. A lot of companies list vacancies online rather than in newspapers because it is quicker and more time accurate. Have a browse at major Job Search Engines websites in the country you are looking to work in before you depart our shores or when you arrive safely in a new country. Internet cafes are a great way to browse the World Wide Web if you don’t have a personal computer when you first arrive overseas.

It’s Not What You Know…

Of course word of mouth is another opportunity to gain a new job. Ask your friends and family to ask around their friends, co-workers and family, and you never know what might pop up. Good luck!

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  1. Coraliee says:

    When I arrived in London for my OE, I looked up in the local papers and phone book of places I would want to work at. I then went and walked in to these places to handover my CV personally.
    I got a call the next day from where I eventually ended up working for the 2 years I was there. They said it was a first for them to have someone just walk in and hand over their CV, and they had been impressed!

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