It’s an annoying fact, but big events the world over send accommodation prices skyrocketing. New Zealand is no different, and we won’t deny that premiums are being charged at many properties. But this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the Rugby World CUp 2011 on a budget. There are ways and there are means…

Focus on the Basics

First and foremost, think down. Down-grade your accommodation aspirations to the basics. Do you need luxury to enjoy rugby? Okay, it’s nice, but if it stretches your budget why bother? You’ll be just as happy with four plain walls around you. In fact, we’re willing to be you won’t spend too many hours inside them. Most of your time will be devoted to watching games, sightseeing, shopping for souvenirs or partying in the fan zones. So give luxury the flick. Look for backpacker, hostel or even holiday park accommodation (go on, it won’t kill you). For space and independence, try the modest but very comfortable motels that New Zealand specialises in. You’ll find these in every town, every suburb and every city throughout the land. All offer cooking facilities, parking and in most cases can accommodate several people in one unit.

Share with friends

And that brings us neatly to option number two: share with friends. Getting a group together could help bring costs down quite considerably. Motel, backpacker and hostel accommodation usually offers multiple-bed options, so check things out and see how many you can cram into one space. The more the merrier and the lower the price.

Consider staying further afield

Thirdly, if you really can’t cope with hostels, backpacker lodges, holiday parks or motels and absolutely MUST have hotel service, why not base yourself away from the heart of the action? The closer a hotel is to the rugby ground or fan zone, the more expensive it will be. Check out city suburbs or small towns nearby. And don’t fret: the whole of New Zealand is geared up to get you to your games on time. There’ll be public transport available from almost everywhere – more buses and trains, in fact, than Kiwis have ever known in their lives. Not one part of this country will be unaffected by RWC fever, and the friendly locals will be happy to help visitors find their way around.

Here’s hoping you still have cash to spare when the games are over, and that your team puts a very big smile on your face. Good luck!

For the most convenient hotel to Auckland Airport check out the new Novotel. It’s the newest hotel in town and couldn’t be closer to the gate.

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