Has your trusty New Zealand Passport run out? If you’re planning an overseas trip anytime soon you’ll need to renew your NZ passport in plenty of time. Due to recent changes associated with renewing an adult passport we recommend that you visit the Department of Internal Affairs Passports website for a detailed overview.

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  1. Jenny says:

    This is very useful but if I am renewing my passport does a witness need to fill in page 11 and sign the back of one photo?

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  2. My friend just updated his and I was his witness because I’m not a relative and have know him for years. I had to fill in the proof of identity part (page 11) and then sign the back of one of his passport photos to confirm it was him

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  3. jp says:

    renewing from the usa, can i send to to oz or new zealand?

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  4. John Brown` says:

    Can send to aussie, NZ, or UK

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  5. RS says:

    My passport expired, I changed my name overseas before I became a citizen and got the NZ passport, I provided the name change document to NZ govt so my new name appear on the now expired NZ passport, do I need to provide all the name change documents again!! Do i need to do this everytime my passport run out? Surely this name change have already been established?

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  6. T.Tairea says:

    I can’t believe how expensive it is to renew a passport here in our tiny country. If I wanted to renew my passport and for it to be ready in 6 months time, will it be cheaper? Im trying to understand why its gone very expensive when you wanted it in a hurry and not get it cheaper when you dont want it in a hurry. I think our nz government should consider providing us nz citizens free passports, we pay tax for almost everything in this country, what next you going to tax the air we breath?

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  7. Stuart says:

    I am living in the UK and i need to renew my NZ passport but sadly i do not know a New Zealander to witness my photos, what can i do now???

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  8. bava says:

    i am living in the UK and i need to renew my NZ passport but sadly i do not know a new zealander to witness my photos, any help from other new zealander.

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  9. Carrie says:

    What do I do if I don’t know another NZer in UK?

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  10. Nils says:

    I’m almost 15 years and live in the Netherlands. Have lived here for 10 years now. If I renew my passport now, do I need to get an adult passport when I turn 16 or can I travel on my child passport until expiration date (5 years after issue)?

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