If you’ve decided to buy your girlfriend jewellery as a gesture of your affection, make sure you get it right. Get her the right piece and she will (hopefully) shower you with compliments and praise. But get her anything that clashes with her taste and you run the risk of indifference, annoyance or worse, wasting your hard earned money.

So how do you pick something that she would appreciate?

● Observe – Over the course of a week take special notice of the different types of jewellery that she wears. Does she stop for longer than a few minutes at this particular jewellery store, staring at a pair of earrings on display? She might have a necklace that she wears daily and a special one that she puts on for special occasions

● Investigate – If you get the opportunity to snoop around a little and go through her jewellery box, look at the type of stuff she favours. Take some pictures on your phone to show them to a jeweller or watchmaker who could guide you in choosing something along those lines

● Listen – Has she mentioned anything about jewellery over the past few weeks? Dropping any hints? It’s time to put down the TV remote and start listening.

● Ask – Does she have a sister or some close friends who would be willing to be your ally in this gift quest? You need to exercise caution here as you don’t want her finding out prematurely, but you’re more likely to get a great gift with some in-the-know assistance.

To make sure that you’re on the right track, follow this checklist:


Jewellery Checklist


Does she wear gold, silver or colourful pieces?

This one is important as most women will have a definite style in the jewellery that they prefer and will seldom wear a piece if it’s not their preferred style.

Does she wear earrings, necklaces or bracelets (or a combination)?

Pay attention, as it is pointless buying a woman some earrings for pierced ears if she doesn’t have them done. Clip on earrings are very good nowadays and it could be possible that that she doesn’t have pierced ears, even if she wears earrings.

Does she wear a lot of different jewellery?

You’re in luck! Have a rummage through her jewellery box and see if there is a predominant theme among all the stuff she has. If there isn’t, just choose something that you like from a store and give it to her. The odds of her liking it are high.

Does she wear matching sets of earrings/necklaces?

How sweet! Head to a jewellery store and pick out a pair of tasteful earrings. This should cover the matching necklaces side of things and give her something that she can wear just on its own.

Does she rarely wear jewellery at all?

You could still buy her something but it might be a better option to actually take her on a shopping expedition and then buy the piece together.

A final tip:

Don’t buy her a ring unless you’re planning on demonstrating some serious commitment. Regardless of what type of ring you choose, there are far too many societal connotations associated with rings and it could be misinterpreted by your girlfriend.

You’re choosing a timeless gift, one that, with a little luck, will be treasured. So good luck and don’t forget to keep the receipt. (Hey, it pays to be prepared right?)

If you’re looking right now, check out the Yellow Pages for a complete list of jewellery and watchmaking stores


  1. Jewellery is usually a winner when it comes to a gift for your lady. However, as the article says, you should avoid rings unless you wish to express a commitment. There is a lot of choice apart from that – earrings, bracelets, necklaces for a start. Also, you don’t have to spend a fortune, though buying something made from gold, or containing a precious stone, will show your love for her. Make sure you get the colour right – if you are not sure, and are hoping to give her a surprise, then ask her mother or a a close friend of hers!

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