Everyone dreams of driving home a car, straight from the showroom and there comes a time when you are ready to turn that dream into reality. You may have a model and make in mind, but choosing the right dealer can be harder than you would have imagined. Here are some tips to help you find a new car dealer who can give you good customer service, a competitive price and after sales service.



You can check out the pricing range of the car or truck you are looking to buy on the brand website. This will give an idea of how much it is going to cost you and which model best suits your needs. You can then check out websites of various car dealers and compare the prices of cars back to what the brand websites suggest in terms of pricing.


Stock availability

Make sure you know what you want and don’t get carried away by sales people. Talk to the dealers in advance about the availability of the make, model and colour of the car you wish to buy and how long they would take to process the paper work. Even if you are undecided on what car you want to buy, don’t let them talk you into buying a car that doesn’t actually suit your needs.


Financial assistance

If you can’t afford to buy a car without credit and are looking to pay in instalments, you may want to look at deals or financial assistance schemes provided by the dealer. Make sure that the dealer has a capable financial department. Find out about the tie ups they may have with banks and insurance companies and their options for buyers that need to borrow a substantial amount. Also make sure you read the contract thoroughly before signing.


Small and large dealers

A larger new car dealer need not necessarily guarantee a better deal. This type of dealer generally purchases vehicles from an auto auction and have little to no space for negotiation. The smaller dealer, on the other hand, may have a smaller selection of vehicles but are privy to additional vehicles they may be purchasing in the future. They know they have to make a certain profit margin on that vehicle and will sell you the car based on the cost of the vehicle to the dealer. Additionally, they are probably not associated with many financial institutions which means their revenue is not tied to the financial institution that secures your loan. So, even if you are not pre-approved to finance a vehicle, they will arrange financial assistance for you but their main focus is to sell you the vehicle.



You can either get in touch with the dealer electronically via email or over the phone. Check to see how prompt they are with replying back with information on any on-going deals or offers and additional services they offer to make your purchase as smooth an experience as possible. Also, you can find out about any extras they may offer buyers in terms of accessories or car servicing options.

A good dealer will understand exactly what you want and puts the customer first. They will provide you with a very clear idea of what the best options are and will allow you to choose what suits you best instead of pushing you into making a choice.

Choosing a new car dealer doesn’t have to be an ordeal and need not necessarily be a factor that depletes your enthusiasm. Click on this link to the Yellow Pages for a list of new car dealers in New Zealand.

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