The concept of business greed has existed for years. In recent times however , it is now much more dominant, even in america. Corporate avarice has been acknowledged as being the number one cause of various company bankruptcies, foreclosures and failed businesses. It nasiums a sad truth that organizations will go out of business or close down if they are not remedied with fairness and justice. In many ways although, corporate greed can also result in the success of a organization. If a organization has a greedy owner or perhaps management group they might basically see the accomplishment as being in their best interest more so than the achievement of their customers or shareholders.

Corporate greed has also been associated with major organizations like Wal-Mart and South west Airlines. Wal-Mart simply entered bankruptcy not because these people were unable to take on local sellers, but since they was allowing an unbalanced number of corporate passions to shape all their company. Southwest Airlines was also found to become guilty of doing some unethical behavior. They engaged in price repairing, giving savings to selected carriers at a certain cost, and presenting money to favored consumers. Simply put, corporate and business greed ends up in a corporation to make decisions that are in its own best interest, not the interests of its clients or investors. Many speculate how such companies might survive when they are granted the chance to do well, yet the basic answer is they will if they happen to be allowed to.

The main lesson to draw from company greed is the fact it is not the company that should be in charge, but rather the owners and managers of this corporation. With out a strong impression of cultural responsibility, or a willingness for making personal sacrifices for more suitable good of their companies, a corporation will eventually fail. A solid sense of personal responsibility and a determination to providing a public balance will assist lead businesses and other establishments to achieve success. As people, we are innately sociable of course, if we, for the reason that businesses, want to participate in activities that support us, instead of helping ourselves, that may be where the strength is situated. A strong sense of interpersonal responsibility, along with knowledge of subconscious strategies, will allow people to work together towards the prevalent good with out resorting to corporate greed.

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