Whether it is a business consignment or personal items that need to be sent quickly, choosing the right courier service is essential. Here are some pointers to help you go about choosing one that will not disappoint.

The criteria that should be assessed when making this choice are reliability, safety and affordability. Depending on where you need to send your parcel, how soon you want it to reach and how you want it to be handled; the following aspects should be researched to support your decision.


Customer testimonials

“The customer is always right” – a principal followed by most service providers. Feedback from people who have dealt with the courier service provider will help you gauge the quality of service offered and the range of clients they are able to serve. You want to evaluate customer service in terms of how they are treated, overall customer satisfaction and experience with the courier service. Customer feedback should be present on the official website but you could also get it by asking people who may have dealt with them at some point of time.

Time and safety

Once you have  be able to provide prompt and timely delivery, especially for international couriers. ‘Safety of goods’ is also an important concern that a good courier service should address. Not only do you want your parcel to reach on time, but it should be in one piece! You could get in touch with the courier company and find out what type of goods they handle, from heavy to fragile. They would probably also be able to advise you on how to wrap your parcel or whether they would take care of that aspect for you.

Customer Support

Finally, look into the customer support offered by them with regards to tracking options and insurance. The ability to track your parcel in transit is always a welcome advantage because it helps you keep track of the progress of the delivery and saves you the stress of guessing whether it has reached its destination. Insurance is seldom required, but is beneficial when sending an expensive item and would cover the cost incurred in case of damage during transit.

Cost of the Courier

After all these aspects of sending a courier have been considered, you are left with deciding how affordable the service is to you. Great service for a reasonable price would be ideal. The amount of importance you place on cost is entirely your prerogative.

This article addresses all the basic concerns related to selecting a courier service. Hopefully, it has better equipped you to make an informed choice without having to worry about your parcel. Here’s a list of courier services in New Zealand.


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