More than a token of recognition, medals have greater value than you would ever expect. Medals from the Olympics, Nobel ceremonies and Military service awards sometimes sell for more than the value of a sports car. Small-scale collections are also surprisingly worth a lot, especially if they have aged a bit yet have been handled with care.

If you have a medal collection at home and you want to try selling it, these five steps will help you sell your medals quickly and efficiently:

1.  Call a Dealer

The quickest way to get in touch with a coin dealer is by phone. Expert dealers like Auckland Collection Centre prefer a dialogue over the phone to discuss any necessary requirements before their clients come in for the appraisal. Contact an NZ dealer shop near you to discuss the specifics of your enquiries and any concerns regarding your medal collection.

2. Package Your Medals

Dealers often request clients to package the goods well before their visit to the shop. Use moist-proof and sturdy packaging for your medals to avoid any damage during transportation. Segregate your medals by their specific classifications for easy assessment.

3. Have Them Appraised

Once you have a confirmed schedule with your dealer, be present during the set date and time. Dealers inspect the medals on the spot or ask for a few days to assess their value. Wait for the dealer to return your call before heading back to the shop.

4. Decide on a Settlement

Your dealer will give you a rough estimate or auction value of your medals. You may still negotiate for a higher price if you believe it should merit more than its appraised value.

5. Retrieve Your Money

After the settlement has been made, talk to your dealer about the monetary aspects of the deal. Most of the time, dealers settle transactions through issued checks or direct bank transfers. Claim your payment and thank your dealer before you leave.

Gold, silver and bronze medals may differ in recognition, but all these have astounding value. Do not let your medals collect dust – approach a dealer and get a good payback.

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