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Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Posted By Samantha Roberts On August 2, 2010 @ 7:01 pm In Wedding Favours & Gifts | Comments Disabled

Wedding anniversaries are often one of the most important dates in any couple’s calendar. Whether you’ve been married one year or sixty, remembering and celebrating your union allows you to give thanks for each other and the time you’ve spent together.

As well as a celebration, a wedding anniversary is also a time to reflect on the challenges you have faced with your partner, the successes you’ve had and, perhaps, even some of the failures. In short your wedding anniversary is an opportunity to reflect on the rich and varied experiences that have made your life as a married couple unique.

Traditional Gifts

Traditionally, gifts on wedding anniversaries follow a certain pattern – from the mundane to the exquisite, from the less expensive to the costly. Each increment in value reflects the increasing investment of time and love you have put into your marriage.

While any gift on an anniversary, no matter what it is made from, is to be appreciated, certain materials have come to symbolise particular milestone dates. If you are of a traditional bent you might like to consider the wedding anniversary gift list below.

  • 1st anniversary              Paper
  • 2nd anniversary             Cotton
  • 3rd anniversary              Leather
  • 4th anniversary              Linen
  • 5th anniversary              Wood
  • 6th anniversary              Iron
  • 7th anniversary              Wool
  • 8th anniversary              Bronze
  • 9th anniversary              Pottery
  • 10th anniversary            Tin
  • 11th anniversary            Steel
  • 12th anniversary            Silk
  • 13th anniversary            Lace
  • 14th anniversary            Ivory
  • 15th anniversary            Crystal
  • 16th anniversary            Tourmaline
  • 17th anniversary            Furniture
  • 18th anniversary            Turquoise
  • 19th anniversary            Aquamarine
  • 20th anniversary            China
  • 25th anniversary            Silver
  • 30th anniversary            Pearl
  • 35th anniversary            Coral
  • 40th anniversary            Ruby
  • 45th anniversary            Sapphire
  • 50th anniversary            Gold
  • 55th anniversary            Emerald
  • 60th anniversary            Diamond

Anniversary Flowers

Wedding anniversaries nearly always involve flowers as well as gifts. If you’re not sure which flower is appropriate to a particular anniversary, the list below will help.

  • 1st anniversary              Carnation
  • 2nd anniversary             Lily of the Valley
  • 3rd anniversary              Sunflower
  • 4th anniversary              Hydrangea
  • 5th anniversary              Daisy
  • 6th anniversary              Calla Lily
  • 7th anniversary              Freesia
  • 8th anniversary              Lilac
  • 9th anniversary              Bird of Paradise
  • 10th anniversary            Daffodil
  • 11th anniversary            Tulip
  • 12th anniversary            Peony
  • 13th anniversary            Chrysanthemum
  • 14th anniversary            Dahlia
  • 15th anniversary            Rose
  • 20th anniversary            Aster
  • 25th anniversary            Iris
  • 30th anniversary            Lily
  • 40th anniversary            Gladioli
  • 50th anniversary            Yellow Roses

Happy Anniversary

While the lists above follow the traditional pattern for wedding anniversary gifts and flowers, the true gift, as any couple knows, is the bond between you and your partner and the life you share. Happy Anniversary!Happy anniversary!

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