When you are planning your wedding, something important that is often overlooked is the idea of wedding favours. Wedding favours are the small, usually inexpensive gifts that you place next to your guests’ plates. They are often small trinkets or tokens that you give to your guests to show your appreciation for them attending your special day. With the right wedding favours, each of your guests can leave your wedding thinking wonderfully about you and truly enjoying the memories of your wedding.

The very best wedding favours are those which are kept and treasured long after the wedding is over. Therefore, it is important to think about what your wedding favours should be and how you can use them to help you emphasize your theme.

Choosing Wedding Favours

First of all, you have two choices. You can find wedding favours that fit into your theme because of what they are, or you can use wedding favours that can work with any theme, except that they are tailored to your specific day. Both choices are easy for you to do, but both require some planning and set-up.

The first way that you can incorporate wedding favours into your theme is by finding something that is uniquely yours and unique to the theme that you have chosen. This might include using guitar picks if both of you are musicians and you have a musical theme, or packets of seeds if you both love the outdoors and want to have an outdoors theme to your wedding.

Some other great ideas include vials of sand from the place where your beach wedding took place or candles if your theme revolves around the flame of love burning for eternity. These are all things that you can incorporate into your wedding theme, and there are ways for you to have wedding favours that fit into these themes quite nicely.

However, this is not the only choice that you have when it comes to your wedding favours. Sometimes, buying things that fit into your theme specifically may cost you more money and it may be more difficult to do than other things. Therefore, something that you might want to consider is to choose wedding favours that fit into any wedding theme, but tailor them specifically to your own wedding.

Inexpensive Wedding Favours

The easiest of all of these choices would be to use sweets as your wedding favour. Many people use small amounts of sweets or nuts, and tie them into small sachets. You can use ribbon that matches your wedding theme colours, and then put a small sachet of sweets or nuts at each place. These are great favours, and they are inexpensive, and often do not take much time at all. In addition, another idea is to use something cute, like coins for prosperity, or small stones that people can keep forever. Small trinkets like this are often the best way for you to show your guests how much you appreciate them and how glad you are that they are at the wedding.

Many people like to use small trinkets of appreciation as their wedding favours, and these are things that can be used for any wedding, and can be incorporated into any theme. These include sweets, favours like small toys, or even small plants or packets of seeds. All of these things are easy to incorporate into your theme. You can customize the colours that are used for ribbons and wrapping so that the colours fit into your overall wedding colours. You can also include a small card with the item which has some information from you. Often couples like to use this as a chance to say thank you and they include a small card that goes along with their wedding favours.

Include a Card

The card is usually used to thank those who attended the ceremony. You can also include a phrase that provides some wisdom or advice. A quote that the couple finds unique or interesting is also a good choice. By including a card with your wedding favours you are incorporating something that you can make uniquely yours and it can help your guests remember the wedding.

Your wedding favours are only a small thing for you to think about while you are planning your wedding, and often this is something that you may think about last, or towards the end of your planning. Typical wedding favours consist of something simple depending on the theme of the wedding. Being creative helps create memories of the event because your gift can be something that one may not expect to receive. Therefore, remember that it does not have to be something very big or very fancy. It can be a small token, simply something that your guests can use to remember you and to remember the day that you got married.

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    I am very interested in purchasing very small gifts for my daughters wedding guests. There’s approximately 300 guests. We are interested in gifts no more than $1.00 each.

    Ideally, we were looking at purchasing small travel tins to place tealight candles in these and decorating them for our guests. But we are unable to find a supplier within NZ that will sell these for less than a $1.00 each.

    Failing this would you have any other suggestions for candle holders and within this price range.

    Or other relatively cheap gift ideas for us to consider.

    Much appreciated


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  2. My friends organised their wedding on a small budget, and got a few bits and pieces from party nick-nack shops like Geoff’s Emporium.

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