A lot goes into choosing the right wedding band for the groom. Though men are not as selective as women, there are particular issues that have to be addressed before buying that perfect ring. To know the best ring for a groom, consider the following:

-       The comfort of the wedding band

Since men hardly wear jewelry, choosing the right and most comfortable band can be a nightmare. The band’s width and shape will matter. It should be shaped with soft rounded edges and not sharp and angular edges.  The interior curve should also be smooth and soft. A wedding band with a flat interior will be uncomfortable and should therefore be avoided.

For the width, men’s wedding bands are traditionally thicker/wider than bands for ladies. However, very wide ones tend to be uncomfortable and should be avoided if comfort is valued. Also keep the size of the finger in mind. Wider bands will be tight on marrow or thin fingers.

-       Metal used

Wedding bands for the groom are typically made of gold, titanium, platinum, silver, or tungsten.

  • For gold rings, consider the carats and keep in mind that men’s wedding bands are 9, 14 or 18 carat.
  • Titanium rings are tough, durable and have a greyish appearance. It is also non-scratch and can be cut off in case of a medical emergency.
  • Tungsten wedding bands are also durable, heavy weight and have a greyish color. They can be plated to have a black appearance and are affordable compared to gold.
  • Platinum is used for wedding bands and it is naturally white. It is dense and used almost purely. It is hypoallergenic and durable.
  • Silver wedding bands are less expensive compared to titanium, gold or platinum. It is also softer and wears off fast. Some people are allergic to silver, so it is often not the best option for a first time jewelry wearer.

-       Matchy-Matchy

It is romantic to have similar wedding bands. However, this may be limiting if you have substantially different likes. If you are looking for matching wedding bands; go for the same metal type or color. You may also have then hammered or carved in a similar manner and with a similar bevel polish.

-       Inclusion of gemstones

Ladies like glitter, at least most of them. This is rarely the case for gentlemen. However, if they prefer a little glitter, the wedding bands can have small gems added. If a gem can be engraved into the metal and coated, then it risks exposure and won’t be lost when working. In such a case, gems can be added.

-       Personality type

Classic wedding bands with little detail are chosen by conservative men. If you a man who likes trying out different things, then you may go all out. Also keep in mind your culture and boldness. The design will also be determined by your personality.

-       Lifestyle

What you do on a daily basis determines the type of wedding band you choose. Choose a band that you can work with, every other day, on all tasks you intend to tackle. Also, if you lay sport, you should select one that won’t limit or hurt you.

In conclusion, wedding bands for men vary and you should choose one with your lifestyle, personality, health, and your fiancée in mind. Make the day a memorable as possible.

Author Bio     

David Wicks is a men’s wedding bands designer and a fashion designer dealing with men’s attire. He is also a wedding consultant and a blogger. His designs and styles of clothing and jewelry are inspired by cultures and sight around the world though his love for exploration.


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