Planning a wedding is both an exciting time and a stressful time in a couple’s lives. Brides-to-be may experience emotional stress related to the wedding planning while grooms-to-be may be feeling the weight of financial responsibilities. Enter your wedding planning knowing that there is a great potential for stress and try to take control of issues now instead of just reacting to them as they come along. Below are a few tips to help reduce the effects of stress during your wedding planning:

Coping with the Stress

Wedding planning requires you to decide what is most important to you and your fiancé and to set priorities for yourselves. You will be called upon to make so many decisions during your wedding planning, from reception site to the bridesmaid’s bouquet, that it can begin to feel overwhelming.

Get Organized

Create a “wedding binder” of your own, buy a ready made one or use a wedding planning computer program to keep all of your wedding planning organized. You can keep your to-do lists, contracts, samples, brochures, information, menus, and quotes from florist, photographers, caterers and such in one place. This will help you to be able to refer and compare things promised to you at a later date.

Delegate Tasks to Others

You only have so much time and being under time pressure can cause a great deal of stress. Don’t try and do everything yourself. Enlist a close friend or family member to do some initial legwork for you while you focus on another task at hand.

Use the Internet

If you are reading this, you have already discovered how the internet can save you valuable time and energy while planning your wedding.

Be Selective

Try to only get three or four competitive quotes for each item on your wedding planning lists. In a large city (and now with an international market on the internet) there may be thousands of bakeries, photographers, bands and such for you to consider. Your wedding date can come and go with you still interviewing potential services for your event, so don’t try and interview them all.

Decide for Yourself

Review etiquette protocol and ask a few trusted people for advice about wedding planning, but ultimately go with what is in your heart. Don’t miss out on putting your special touch on your wedding, such as playing a non-traditional song because it has special significance to you and your fiancé, just because you are afraid of what the “etiquette police” will say.

Be Realistic

Don’t expect perfection out of yourself or your wedding! Remember your wedding is a beautiful celebration of your love for one another and that is the most important thing about your big day; not that the tulips are drooping before the reception is over! You can expect a “terrific” day and one so filled with joy that the little things that might go wrong won’t matter. Setting expectations that are too high will create stress and lead to frustration, and then more stress.

Set a Budget

Be realistic about the budget you have to spend on your wedding budget and try to stay within those boundaries. Stretching your budget on each item can lead to extreme stress about financial resources and you may begin to view every part of your wedding in monetary terms instead of the celebration of love it should be! With today’s resources, anyone can successfully plan the “wedding of your dreams” within any budget.

Take Time Out

Wedding planning can be a full-time job and all consuming. Take a day off from planning and go to lunch with a friend or just take a long bath with candles and music playing. If you have a standing date with someone or are involved in a class or volunteering keep doing it – if it gives you fulfilment it will be an added bonus to the break you’ll be getting from your wedding planning. Exercising is also a great stress reducer.

Agree with Your Fiancé

One of the greatest challenges will be your feelings of wanting to satisfy everyone. Be respectful but remember it is your day and while family, friends and relatives are important you must be the one who is satisfied with the wedding planning decisions being made.

Date Your Fiancé

Remember to take a breaks from wedding planning and focus back on each other and your relationship. Plan a romantic dinner, a picnic in the park or any other activity you both enjoy doing. Just remember, don’t discuss the wedding plans the whole time you are together!

Take Care of Yourself

Watch your diet and make sure you are eating healthy, well balanced meals – now is not the time to have lack of energy from a poor diet. Drink lots of water, exercise and continue to treat yourself to little things such as having your nails done, a new outfit or a massage. You are the star of the show; so treat yourself as such!

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