There are many types of wedding invitations to choose from and it can sometimes be difficult to find something that is unique. A unique invitation stands out while showing your guests what to expect at your ceremony. This information includes the location and how one should expect to dress based on the formality of the event.

There are many different styles of wedding invitations out there, but if you want yours to be unique, you should use some creativity as well as the following tips. You can make small changes to popular patterns and styles. In addition, by simply following a few easy steps, you can be on your way to getting some unique wedding invitations.

Invitation Colour, Pattern and Formality

First of all, think about the colours that you are using. Chances are that you have specific ideas about this important choice and you are most likely planning your wedding based around those colours. Even though many people may choose the same general colour, the specific shades of colours, and the ways in which you use them, are likely to be unique to your wedding.

Ideally, you want to be sure that you are able to choose a particular colour in a special shade that really matches your own ideas about what you want your day to be like. In most cases, this is going to be something that is very simple for you to decide right from the beginning of the planning process, and it can help you make the most out of the colours that are available. Therefore, the first thing that is going to make your wedding invitations unique is the colour scheme that you decide to use.

Also, the patterns that you are using should reflect your own particular tastes, but also the theme and formality of your wedding. If you have some special patterns that you want to use, such as certain shapes or cultural patterns, these help to make your wedding invitations unique to you and to your wedding.

In addition, by using carefully chosen patterns and outlines, you may find that the formality of your wedding can be expressed through the invitations. For instance, if you have a very formal wedding, a white invite with black lettering and gold borders definitely reinforces this idea in a much clearer way than a brightly coloured invitation would do.

It is important to incorporate the formality of your wedding with not only the colours and design of your invite, but also the font that you use for the lettering. All of these are important in portraying the formality of the wedding to your guests. This is an important reason for sending an invitation. Letting your invitations set the tone for your wedding is the best (and easiest) way of letting your guests know what to expect on the big day.

Making it Unique

Once you have found a colour scheme and font, as well as shapes and borders, that help you design your wedding invitation, there may be a few other things that you can think about in order to make your wedding invitation unique.

Even though you are having a wedding that is probably going to be similar to other wedding celebrations, this wedding is something that will only occur once, and it is uniquely yours. This is simply because this celebration is about you and your soon to be spouse. The unique combination of flowers, music, and events is yours and yours alone, and if your wedding invitation can reflect this, you may find that the invite is even more unique.

There are a few other ways to make your wedding invitation unique, and you can start by thinking of yourselves and what you are each like. Is there a phrase, such as a biblical passage or a song lyric, which is going to feature prominently into your wedding? If so, you can use this on your invite to tie the invitation to the entire wedding day. Alternatively, is there a quote or an idea that you and your spouse want to use for the wedding in order to make it a big part of your special day? If so, you can also use these in your invitation, because these help make it even more unique.

The Story of Your Special Day

Creating a unique wedding invitation is definitely something important because it allows you to have a wedding invite that does so much more than invite people to your wedding. It almost tells a short story about your special and unique day; the day that belongs to no one else but the two of you.

When planning a wedding be sure to consider these tips because a unique wedding invitation has many advantages over a standard invitation design. These wedding invitations provide important information to your guests including the formality of the event along with the date and location of the ceremony.

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