how to throw a party

Your guests will be even more excited than these guys!

Throwing a party can be gratifying, that’s if all is planned well for it will in return end well. Throwing a great party worth applause requires a lot of flairs, style and lots of prior preparations that ought to be executed with the greatest of expertise. Many a time people planning parties are caught in a maze where they do not know what to do to pull off a master party. Parties are jubilant moments that should be made memorable for the guests as well as the host. There are several aspects of a party that should be clearly identified and executed so that it is termed successful. There are many guidelines and tricks to throwing a good one, and for you to achieve the party guru title, here are simple tips for you that will get you going.

It all starts with you having an excellent reason to sink in utter joyousness for a while and celebrate. There can be so many reasons one throws a party. Be it a special moment, an accomplishment, a breakthrough, an anniversary, a journey completed or even a festival. Whatever reason that is making you throw a party is what automatically set the tone, tempo, and frame of mind of the party.

Next on the line is picking a suitable date that gives you enough time prepare. The date, however, should be set in direct consideration of the catering department in the party, the décor that may be needed to add the flair as well as the entertainment of the day.

Then it’s prudent that you decide on a guest list depending on how big or how small you can handle. The budget should also reflect your guest list. It is also nice to consider the size of the party area or party venue when having your guest list ready.

Food and Drink

One of the most vital necessities to have at any party is refreshments. The snacks, drinks and munchies tend to build the moment. You do not have to set up a six-course meal, but just prepare something that you know everyone will like. At least have fresh juices or sodas if you don’t want any alcoholic beverages for your guests. Be wise enough to consider all appetites. The catering should be upbeat. What’s better than having their stomach matters well handled?


It is important for any successful party for it is what sets the mood of the party. A combination of good music and a perfect host will bring about stunning results. However, you have to be very careful with the selection of music to make sure that every guest is considered. You do not want your guests bored with bad music. In cases where there is a theme for the party, make a music selection that goes hand in hand with it. For instance, if it’s a teen’s get together party, more of danceable tunes will get the gathering hyped and thrilled, unlike slow jams.


The décor, color, and spectacle used in any party add a priceless value to the venue. They bring about a festive feeling. The decorations must also be in line with the theme of the party, and you should be keen enough not to overuse them to an extent that they hinder the party. Remember, if a party that doesn’t have a few decorations here and there, it could look flat, cheap and un-lively.


Use lights for your party if it’s in the evening. Consider your décor too when choosing the lighting. Light up the party with homespun assortments of beautiful material such as flashy party bulbs, tin can luminaries or even citronella mason jars.


  • Many a time people flock in the kitchen because that is where the host is. Make early preparations such that you do not stick in the kitchen throughout the party
  • Label the various dishes to ease the choices for you allergic or on diet guests
  • Tip off your neighbours in advance to avoid any distractions during the party (or invite them!)
  • Display a bar menu to ensure that guests know what they are drinking
  • Consider toilet (portaloo) and fence hire if you want to keep guests out of your bathroom and certain areas of your yard.

Now you have all it takes to throw a party that is sure to be remembered. Just remember to turn down the music before midnight because it’s always all fun and games until someone call the cops, and then it becomes a whole new game: hide and seek!


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